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NYS – Green, Prosperous, and Fun

What if New York decided to become the playground of the Northeast. We would spend money to make money. We could turn our weather extremes into attractions – summers of camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, golfing, concerts, ballets, art exhibits, flea markets, craft sales – winters of skiing, snow shoeing, tubing, indoor water slides, shopping trips, gambling, festivals – falls full of beauty. Come to NYS to enjoy yourselves! We could become a great big service state, we could “suck up” to our guests, treat them like royalty (without turning them into spoiled brats). We could give people a fun experience and become a vacation destination. Come to NYS to unwind, to regroup, to reset. The services would need to be real, not just advertising. We could all get jobs feeding our guests, babysitting their children, guiding them on tours or excursions, teaching them skills, entertaining them, massaging them, making them beautiful, outfitting them for sports, housing them, bringing them cold drinks or hot chocolate, plunking our guests down in mountain lakes, on flower-filled patios, in hot tubs that look out on snowy lakes or mountains. We wouldn’t all be professionals, but we might enjoy life more and improve our tax base at the same time.

We would need a centralized guest services office that could coordinate resources all over the state to give a guest the exact experience they wanted. We have so many wonderful resources that are probably sometimes underutilized. Once we got rolling I’m sure we would need more hotels, spas, campgrounds, etc. Maybe if would give all New Yorkers something in common and stop us from being so competitive that we undermine each other. I know it sounds like pink bubbles and rainbows, but I am actually serious. We are not attracting industry and we are all the cleaner for it. This kind of business preserves our environment (if done properly) and brings in revenue.