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Are We Babies?

Every time the President leaves Washington news commentators question his timing and Republicans question his patriotism and his work ethic.
I don’t think we are children who can’t function without our Papa (who is still in touch with the White House I am sure). I don’t believe that America will fall apart if Obama visits another continent or country or even if he takes a vacation. I’m sure that right about now he could use a vacation. He’s the President, he can’t just vacation anywhere. He needs to go somewhere where security demands can be controlled.
This is just another example of how Republicans will use any opportunity to make Obama look like a bad President. I don’t ever remember a President receiving this kind of flak for travels of state or for vacation trips.
The new Presidential bus is also under fire. I must admit it does look formidable and funereal and it was quite costly. I cannot imagine, though, how we could entrust the security of the United States President to a regular rental bus. The bus must be less expensive to operate than either the Presidential plane or helicopter. I know we’re feeling poor, but not poor enough to put our President at risk.
While I do agree that our need for jobs is pretty desperate, I think the issues involved in a fix are complex, the possible avenues of attack are limited, and, because most proposals require the approval of Congress, and because the political divide is not likely to have disappeared over the Congressional hiatus, such approval is likely to involve exhausting amounts of posturing.
Given the wild gyrations of the stock market I wish I could believe our government will return with a good solid will to implement every job creation measure in its arsenal instead of voicing more mumbo-jumbo about letting the marketplace fix itself (laissez-faire is so laissez-over).

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