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The Gray Men

Although Paul Ryan has chosen the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand as his guide, which is scary enough, I’m afraid that Mitt Romney is operating from the premises of another novel from adolescence, Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell, which was one of the top ten bestselling books of 1972 according to the NYT’s Bestsellers List and which was made into a TV mini series.
This book was roughly based on the lives of the Kennedys and a few other movers and shakers from that era. We all sort of bought into the author’s description of “the gray men”. These were the behind-the-scenes power brokers and they tried to hide in plain sight by dressing very conservatively and hoping that with their gray hair and gray suits they would be totally nondescript. Wikipedia says that this book suggests that we live a “history as made by a cabal of the rich and powerful”.
I am suggesting that if Mitt Romney believes that he can produce 12 million jobs in four years that it is perhaps only because these “gray men” really exist and that they are working through conservative Republicans currently led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
I am saying that we “should be afraid, be very afraid” of how Mr. Romney will come up with 12 million jobs that quickly. Oil companies and special interest groups may represent some of the new “gray men” and Romney is possibly in the coat pockets of their gray nondescript suits (of course the uniform these gray men use to remain unnoticed may have changed in 2012, but their identification as the gray men is still a convenient way to speak about them).
Is it possible that groups of very rich we’ll say people, because it is 2012, meet and map out ways to influence world politics and politicians? It seems entirely possible that not all rich folks are content with an endless procession of new toys and jet set vacations or gambling. Some wealthy people obviously do take a great interest in politics. Perhaps you heard about the exclusive group of affluent power brokers, all conservative Republicans, who met in Texas during the Republican “primaries”. It is even possible that politicians may not know when they are being used by a global “cabal” trying to have their way with American and even World political events. Am I just being paranoid? If these guys are as powerful and secretive as the gray men in Taylor Caldwell’s book then we may never know if this is paranoia or fact.