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Did I Hear the Earth Groan?

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On Monday the world population reaches 7 billion. Our planet is amazing because it should be groaning under the demands of this many people, but it is continuing to support us and sustain us although not at a consistent level of comfort. Someone (I can’t remember who) said yesterday that if every country used as many resources as the United States we would need three planets of this size and this rich in resources to maintain us all.
I went to and found the following list of world population by continent as of 7/01/2010. The total population at that time was 6,830,585,985.
v  Asia                                                                       4,119,626,293
v  Africa                                                                    1,012,956,064
v  Northern America                                                    344,124,520
v  Latin America and the Caribbean                            590,946,440
v  Europe                                                                      727,082,222
v  Oceania*                                                                    35,104,75
*Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia            
Geohive says that the world adds 211,467 people per day.
This is the problem our children and grandchildren, etc. will have to face and it is a much scarier number than anyone’s national debt. Unless we find some other planets to mine for resources or some amazing new energy source that does not require plundering the dwindling resources on earth, then our children and grandchildren face shortages of almost everything and perhaps even resource-based wars.
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