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GOP – Strident and Shrill Equals Desperate


There are basically two reasons Republicans are desperately against the Affordable Care Act and neither of them have much to do with the health care needs of the American people.

1)    They hate the way the law was passed with no or almost no Republican votes. This is the party that has perfected the strategy of passing unpopular bills with overwhelmingly Republican votes on Fridays or in the middle of the night. However, Republicans try to convince the American people that Obama and the Dems are the only party which uses this “trick” which was actually borrowed directly from the GOP Playbook. This has irked them to the extreme ever since the law passed Congress and was signed by the President.


2)    They are also looking ahead to the 2014 election. If “Obamacare” does well they may lose the House and not be able to take the Senate. It is not their base that they are afraid of, although they claim that is who is calling the shots. It is the wealthy, the top donors, who are the real power brokers they must kow-tow to. These guys who head all those ultra Conservative think tanks and who are the corporate backers of the Conservative movement; they are the ones who can “primary” them, threatening to replace them with a candidate with a more “pure” adherence to the party platform. These money men may also be responding to the base, however, when their interests coincide with lesser beings. After all the Tea Party spent the summer whipping the base into a frenzy about Obamacare.

Does the fact that the Affordable Care Act is complex necessarily make it bad? Obama left private insurance companies with a role in health care. I wouldn’t have. Yes, he hemmed them in with rules and regulations but they will eventually find the loopholes and weasel around with them. They will find shifty, selfish ways to make a larger profit and they will continue to call this just good creative Capitalism instead of the greed that it will actually be.

The Republicans newest cry is “give this to us; we’ll do it much more simply”. Well simple is not necessarily better. Vouchers and interstate plans sound like a plan that is basically no different from what we already had. The GOP is not known for its love of rules and regulations, at least not when they affect big businesses.

I don’t know if the ACA will revolutionize health care but I don’t think forcing parents to go to the ER every time a child has a fever, exposing them to dangerous germs and adult trauma, is the answer to health care in America. I am willing to wait and see. This is not the life or death crisis it is being shrilly touted to be. The Republicans have put America through this huge drama for selfish reasons and we will not forget it. We know what to do. Elect Democrats in 2014!

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