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Agenda 21 – Rio 20 Years Later

Agenda 21, which is the subject of much speculation on the internet these days, is recorded in a written document that is 20 years old. The ideas that were agreed to in a conference in 1992 will be the subject of a new conference this week in Rio de Janeiro when over 50,000 people from 680 countries (this is incorrect, it should be 193 countries)  will meet to discuss all aspects of sustainability on Earth once again.

Here is there “mission statement”: “Sustainable development emphasizes a holistic, equitable and far-sighted approach to decision-making at all levels. It emphasizes not just performance but intragenerational and intergenerational equity. It rests on integration and a balanced consideration of social, economic and environmental goals and objectives in both public and private decision-making.
The concept of green economy focuses primarily on the intersection between environment and economy. This recalls the 1992 Rio Conference: the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.”
This conference called optimistically, “The Future We Want” will be held from June 20-22, 2012. The area pictured below will be discussed at the conference:

I have written several blogs about the conference of 1992 and there is quite a bit of material about the “sustainability movement” on the internet. A number of people are fearful that we are being nudged into agreeing to plans that sound simple on the surface, but will eventually lead some overall abdications of our autonomy, our property, and our freedom. These people are being labeled “conspiracy theorists” and perhaps that is what they are. 
However, after taking a look at the info graph on this very interesting website I am starting to have a new Twilight Zone moments around this “movement.” Maybe we are about to be manipulated to do things that we might agree to do voluntarily if given the total “vision” of the future that is supposedly being created . Also it looks like societies that are more sophisticated, organized and less energy efficient will be easier targets for these plans than less developed nations, so we’re up first.
Here’s the link to a video of the info graph:
I will continue to keep an eye on the “sustainability movement”, but for now permit me to just say “Yikes!”