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Four Fathers

Here they are. Meet our new Forefathers, Thomas Cantor, James Ryan, Ben Boehner, and George McConnell. I do think these guys believe they are channeling our Forefathers. They are so unyielding and so sure they are right. Any one of us could have predicted how they would react to yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision. Of course the election is adding drama to their extreme reactions, but that does not explain everything. The Affordable Care Act is not that different as health plans go. It does not get rid of the private sector. Everything stays essentially the same except more people are served.  So why so much vituperation. It all has to do, I believe, with the way Obama got the law passed. Seeing the opposition he faced he made a sort of end run around Congress and got his bill. Republicans were so angry they wanted to spit and they have not been able to put their anger aside. They have been “poor sports”. They have been worse than that; they have been vengeful. They just found Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General in Contempt of Congress, a thing which has never happened before. They are out of control. They are so angry they can’t think straight. They need to go sit on the bench for a while until they get a civil bone in their bodies. What Congress needs is a really good Coach.

The GOP symbol is the elephant. Elephants are wonderful critters, but are probably on the edge of extinction in the wild because they need so much human-free territory. The Democratic symbol on the other hand is the donkey, a wily little creature that can survive in the Grand  Canyon, can climb mountains, can carry burdens, can be tough and adapt to our crowded future. Which one promises to be around in the long run and which will be visiting in a wildlife preserve?