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Snow: Two Snow Jobs

I am caught between two “snow jobs”. The first is this fiscal cliff crap. I cannot believe the Republican Party or the NRA. Both have become so stubborn and inflexible about their points of view that they are actually winning their way or at least not giving ground by just crossing their arms and looking stern. These are mostly old white guys trying to stop the deluge of change in America. It’s not that any of us look forward to change. Most people don’t like change very much. But it sure looks like change is inevitable. I doubt that it can be stopped. If American becomes a Caucasian bastion of wealth and privilege what happens to the rest of Americans? Do we all just leave them to this vast land or do we fight back. The fact that there are more minority people in America than Caucasians seems to have turned Republicans into authoritarian patriarchs who are taking over our government, the people’s government, by just saying no. It is astonishing to observe that we are relatively helpless to move them because we gave them back control over the House of Representatives. 

Can we disband our Congress and start over, allowing none of the old players to return except those recently elected? If people in Congress are staging a virtual coup does disbanding the Congress have to signal a revolution? I don’t want a revolution. I like America. What I am extremely unhappy about and what bothers me every day is the “snow job” being perpetuated against the American people by the Republican Party. We could really use our old white guys. They have run the country for years. They know how to do it when they want to. But we don’t need them to be hide-bound and reactionary. We need them to teach those coming up through the ranks. Please get a grip on yourselves, and be the Grand Old Party in truth instead of this ridiculous immovable bunch of useless old men (and young men who act like old men).

For my second “snow job” pictures will speak louder than words:

For this snow job all I need is a shovel. That’s the implement we should also choose to deal with the Washington snow job.