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Another I’m Rubber, You’re Glue Moment – Outsourcing

Sunday is “politics day” on TV and it is often difficult to stay calm and unruffled while listening to campaign nonsense which any sane person realizes is untrue. Today’s I’m rubber, you’re glue (everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you) moment was about “outsourcing”. While there may be some truth to suggesting a connection between Mitt Romney and outsourcing, it is obvious that blaming Obama for outsourcing is just a campaign ploy. Ed Gillespie, Romney Campaign Senior Advisor called Obama the “outsourcer-in-chief” and said the “Obama policies are forcing jobs overseas.” I live in America; I am a witness of outsourcing and I know Obama was not the President of the United States when most outsourcing occurred. Blaming any regulations he may have put in place after the mortgage disaster and the twisted behavior of the financial marketplace ( regulations which were quite mild in relation to the sins of the industries) cannot really explain the slow pace of our economic growth. The truth is that the American worker cannot compete with workers in China or India or Mexico. It is the overall standard of living in America that led to outsourcing and I don’t believe that we should let the American economy descend to the standards of these other nations so that we can reclaim our factories and other businesses. Standard of living will eventually equalize somewhat and America will become competitive once again.
What was so surprising is the speed with which America’s factories emptied out. I don’t think we expected businesses that were part of our American landscape to all leave us and in such a rush, sort of like rats leaving a sinking ship, although the ship was not actually sinking until everyone scampered away. It was as if noone wanted to be the last business caught on American soil. I don’t know if any nation has ever experienced an economic change this rapid at any other time in history. I am astonished that anyone is surprised that American is taking some time to reinvent itself and to get its economy back on track. If you were sitting in any small city in America watching factories leave was like watching time-lapse photography; full,empty; full, empty – until all those high-paying jobs were gone in a blur.
I don’t believe that we are helpless in the meantime. We have too much talent to languish in front of our televisions. However, I don’t agree that across-the-board tax cuts or even tax cuts on the wealthy and corporations will get us where we need to go. We do need a climate that encourages investment. We do need things to export. We do need to spend some money in order to make some money. I know stimulus has become a bad word, but we do need to stimulate business and innovation, through injections of funding, and through education and training. If our young people don’t have jobs we need to place them in training programs for those jobs business says they can’t find people to fill.
Our deficit is enormous, but unless our economy improves we will not be able to pay it down. We need to prod the economy in just the right places. Deciding what the right places to prod are is one of the most difficult parts of any recovery plan and one we have not even begun to look at beyond the Republican desire to drill, baby, drill. This summer with its record-setting heat, drought, and flooding, suggests that we need to be done with fossil fuels sooner rather than later.
I don’t believe that we need to elect a President who helped send American jobs abroad, especially considering all the other crap that comes along with him (like the Paul Ryan Tax Plan), and I don’t care what Mitt Romney says; Obama had nothing to do with outsourcing, the timing is wrong. Most of the outsourcing we experienced in America was already done by the time Obama took office.