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Yay! Welcome Back President Obama

For this one day I will celebrate the common sense and moderation of the Americans who voted in the 2012 election. Tomorrow we will admit that all will not be peaches and cream in Washington. The Republicans have not retreated from their positions and they still control the House of Representatives. However they did get spanked in the Senate and perhaps that will help them be a bit more humble, a bit more civil, and perhaps they will give compromise a chance. The economy probably will not recover quickly, but slow and steady is much better for our future economic stability. Now I know that we will continue to have a compassionate economy; an economy that does not push upward by climbing on the backs of our less affluent citizens. Now I know we will not try to retreat from our inclusiveness; we will not react with fear to a diverse America. We will find a way to be an America our forefathers would approve of and, at the same time, to embrace the changes that the 21st century will bring. This morning we are America the beautiful.