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Good News

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Of course we are all still worried about the economy and we hope they will stop “mucking about” and do something about jobs NOW! But we know the wheels grind exceedingly slowly and the Republicans will keep stonewalling until 2012 and beyond, so we have to look away sometimes because it is like watching paint dry. (I would say it’s like watching grass grow, but my grass keeps growing at an alarming pace; the jobs dilemma should only be solved so fast.)

So when I looked away from the train wreck that is our economy for a few minutes this weekend I saw some great news for a change. First I saw the hikers who have been imprisoned in Iran as they flew into Oman and then, finally, home to the U S. I watched them speak from a hotel in NYC. I am very happy that the three of them (Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd) are reunited again and that they are free. They described freedom as “tasting sweet” and it made me remember to appreciate the freedom I enjoy every day. I cannot imagine going for a hike and ending up in prison for two years.

The second piece of great news also involved a Middle Eastern nation, Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah has decided that Saudi women, who aren’t allowed to drive, will be allowed to vote and run for political office (although not in this Thursday’s election and, in fact, not until 2015). We definitely live in interesting times, but good news is incredibly rare. So I am very relieved that Josh and Shane are home in America and I am also thrilled that Saudi women will enter the 21st century (in 2015).

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