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Off to the Races

The pundits and commentators who eat, sleep, and breathe politics are off to the races – the 2016 Presidential races that is. They can’t help themselves. The Republicans (who have no viable candidates) are just too juicy to resist. The Democrats have to wait for Hillary so they are no fun for these guys at all. (Until last night at least, when several seasoned newsmen decided that Hillary has informally put herself into the race.) But the GOP has these media “President-makers” salivating (why, I have to ask).

I know that the Presidential election is as close to a sport as politics gets. Handicapping potential candidates, filling in those racing sheets with pros and cons; it is almost as good as picking the brackets for the NCAA Tournament.

But, you need to cut it out boys! And I say boys because male commentators seem to be much more likely to engage in this type of behavior and to do it way too early. Hold your horses! Don’t jump the gun! The odds are way too long! I won’t go on.

We still have a very important (much more important than usual) 2014 election. Handicap that. What seats are open? Who’s running? Who’s likely to win? Keep track of it for us. Do the counts, please. You are the experts after all.

No wonder most voters don’t vote in midterm elections; you news folks skip right over the midterms. You don’t generate any excitement about them. Turn the midterms into a horse race. We need people to get out and vote in 2014 before the elections in 2016. I have made a bet, I guess with myself, that if we get a majority of Dems in both the House and the Senate for Obama’s last two years he can bust through that lame duck crap and still get some of the people’s business done. He can get back the two years he had at the beginning of his Presidency, the ones with the Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress that got scrapped by the “great recession”. It seems fair that Obama get those two years back. It seems unfair that the people get only 4 years of work out of an 8 year Presidential term. Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer – I’m talking to you – and anyone else who is off to the races.

I know that Republicans have a meeting just about every minute and that these meetings are like flashing a bunny in front of a dog in front of a horse. You are like little news puppets. The GOP is playing you. They keep your attention on 2016 so they can have their way with 2014. Get a grip guys and if there are any girls who are guilty, you get a grip too. Focus – 2014, then 2016, please, please, please!


This is the view from the cheap seats.

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