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Out to Pasture

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, October 20, 2013, Round Table guests talked about the need for Obama to find a way to isolate the 40 or so “renegades” in Congress, to corral them and negate their influence, and the fact that he has not been able to do this is what has made him look weak. Does Obama have any allies who could help him do this? Is this even possible? This seems like a highly desirable outcome if it could succeed. Then the Democrats and the more moderate Conservatives could get some things done for America and the American people.

If the Republicans, through effective obstructionism are able to prevent Democrats from trying any of their solutions for empowering the middle class, stimulating the economy, improving infrastructure, and lowering our carbon footprint to levels that may effectively halt global warming, then we will have wasted eight years and we will not ever know if those policies would have succeeded. Better to let us try our solutions out; then if they fail I guess that Republicans can have their way with us, but they haven’t given the American people that chance.

These experts at the Round Table felt that the Immigration Bill might be the legislation that would give Obama the opening, if he had a good game plan, to cut the most extreme right wingers, the tea partiers if you will, from the herd. If that highly desirable goal could be achieved then we might not have to pin all our hopes on the 2014 election (although the Democrats should still put their energy into winning whatever seats they can) and we would have a valuable new Immigration Law in the bargain. Almost every economist tells us that passing the Immigration Bill would have a very positive effect on our economy.

My little heart goes pitter-pat with hope as these political analysts raise the possibility that Obama could find a strategy to defuse the Tea Party and send them into far pastures from which their bellowing cannot be heard. President Obama, could this really happen? I guess we can’t arrest them for sedition because they sort of backed down (not really). We don’t have a great “cattle dog” who could herd those tea partiers up to the back forty. Who would that cattle dog be? My brain has nothing. Perhaps some of those really smart people out there can come up with a clever idea.

If not then we must elect Democrats in 2014. This does not mean we need to send all of our Representatives out into the cold. We can’t just throw the bums out. We tried that before. We need to be smart about this. We need to study the electorate and get a Democrat elected wherever we possibly can.

This is the view from the cheap seats.

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