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My Profile Picture

I want to talk about my profile picture because most people use an actual photograph. When I was teaching, one of my colleagues was an artist who taught art courses at our school, until the people in Albany who funded our program decided that art classes gave our students no practical path to a career or to higher education and prosperity, and they cut art out of our curriculum. This man, Jack White, who is still an active artist and now lives in Texas, dashed off two portraits of me one day and allowed me to keep them. I did not really look this pretty then, nor do I now, but he said this is how I would look when I was older. Everyone likes to put forward their best face and this drawing, which I have grown to treasure, is certainly my best face.

If you want to know how old I am, I am not going to tell you. Women hate to reveal their age. However, if you read my blog there are hints in some of them that give away my approximate age. Suffice it to say I am now older than the age at which Jack White said I would grow into these drawings. Of the two drawings, of course, I chose the one I consider most flattering.

I will also tell you that I am not on the internet to find a partner. I am happy with the personal freedom I have right now. I am on the internet for intellectual, social, and cultural stimulation. It is wonderful not to have to travel to a library to research the issues of the day, although of course I do still use the library in my community. I hope no one really cares about my actual age or my current appearance because what I really want from interactions on the internet is relationships of the mind; although I appreciate that this peculiar new brand of social interaction can sometimes can be an emotional journey also.
Each summer Jack White would mount a small art show in our school library and, as artists do, he would sell some of his painting at these art shows. I bought 3 painting from Jack White over the years. One is in storage and is not really representative of White’s work. Below are photos of the other two paintings I have from this artist.

(Sorry for the distortion)