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This will be the last appearance of my office tree on my blog. Since I will have been in my house for one year in November I will retrace the year from my office window. I have also never shown you my office tree from ground level, so you will be treated (or subjected) to that. Today is very windy and I expect most of the leaves soon will be whirled away from my trees (I actually have 6 trees) and sent to earth so I can rake them into crispy piles and then go in and nurse my blisters and my aching back. I do love fall. I love the colors, I love the air, I love the quality of the light on a sunny day. O. K. enough – let’s see if I can upload 5 pictures.

My Office Tree in Fall

Here is a picture of my office tree in fall. That makes four seasons that I have typed away in the treetops at my new old house. On November 18th, I will have lived here for one year. Every day I cannot believe my luck and I am grateful for my comfortable little house. I might wish that the lawn would mow itself or that mature gardens would spring up around it by magic. I might wish for a garage and new windows that were more energy efficient. I might wish that you could push a button or click and a new color would arrange itself gracefully over the shake shingles that side the house. None of that matters when the afternoon sun filters through the living room curtains leaving lacy shadows on the blue walls or when I look out every window and see green, sun-dappled and soothing all around me. I am home.
I cannot really feel confident that I will be here next November 18th because the stock market is tossing my pension around like a little boat on a stormy sea. If my pension falls too much or goes away I suppose I could be unable to pay for my mortgage. I do not plan to let this happen however. I will brutalize my budget in order to stay in my old farmhouse. However I will not bore you with any more pictures of my office tree because you have now enjoyed it in all four seasons of the year. I might bore you again when my pension nerves get out of control. Meanwhile may my pipes not burst and my stove not fail, here’s to a carefree year of domestic bliss. (Knock on wood)