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My Tin Ceiling

There are still a few aspects of my house we have not explored. On is the tin ceiling in my kitchen. This is probably one of the few 1860 elements still visible in the house.
Modern improvements have made hardly a dent in the cellar. The stone walls and old beams dominate and you can also see the old planks that make up the floor which you can no longer see when you are upstairs. It would be fun to expose the original planks but supports would have to be added between the joists which are too far apart. The floor has too much give as it exists right now. Some insulation would also have to be added as the old floors would allow too much cold air to be transferred from the basement. But you have seen my basement.
 In a closet in the bathroom you can see the guts of the original stairway which goes up to the room I am currently using as an attic, which I have not photographed yet. The upstairs bedroom has not been updated since the 40’s or the 50’s and does not connect to the rooms on the opposite side of the 2nd floor. It does not look like it probably did originally, but the staircase with its triangular treads does.
 The other thing I have not showed you are spectacular cellar spiders which I know you are dying to see. How do I know they are cellar spiders? I looked them up on-line of course. They look like huge, white, daddy long-legged spiders and they are truly horrifying. You will get to see them if they are still there and haven’t disappeared into their silk cocoons.
The first photos below are of the tin ceiling in my kitchen:
If you search “antique tin ceilings” you will find some lovely images of very beautiful architectural ceilings which are much more elegant than mine, but this design is unusual, these elements that resemble bows are perhaps earlier and simpler than some of the other designs. The ceilings you generally see have square tin tiles and often are geometric patterns or floral, lacey patterns. This ceiling in my kitchen is not made of squares of tin, but of sheets of tin. It is not a suspended ceiling as some tin ceilings are, it is simply nailed or screwed in place. The ceiling was probably chosen for beauty, but mostly for utility. I have included some of the images I found of tin ceilings but there are many more and some have colors other than white.
Notice the picture that shows a collage of ceiling tiles and which has more color than the others. This is a collage put together by an artist which was/is for sale in a shop called “Found”. I included it because the tile on the right side of the collage most resembles mine. In my very basic farmhouse the tin ceiling is one of the features that makes the house unique.