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Two Americas

If the rich don’t want to pay more (or any) to help America with its deficit, we probably can’t make them. If they want to let education funding go and health care disappear because they can afford schooling without taxes and health care without health insurance, and they refuse to pay for the leeches (us) at the bottom of the pond, then there is probably nothing we can do. If they don’t want to pay they will find a way to legislate the whole thing away through arcane loopholes that we could never foresee. Perhaps there is loophole think tank somewhere. If we need new sewers, new roads, new mass transportation we are probably on our own because the rich don’t find these expenses necessary and they don’t want to pay. Just keep the air fields in good shape.

I get it. They are saying that we can only have things that we can pay for by ourselves. They know how to funnel the money towards their neighborhoods so their neighborhoods will still be nice. If they are surrounded by blight they will build walls and gates and hire guards. If they are threatened by disease from beyond their walls, they will put air scrubbers on top of the walls. They’ll sequester their water supplies. We will have two Americas. Our forefathers might not mind. They lived in times when only male landowners had rights. But we won’t be a democracy. We won’t be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We won’t be America. We’ll be something else.

As much as you would like to believe that you can separate yourselves from us bottom dwellers you probably cannot. We are all interrelated. If schools fail, the fallout will eventually affect you. If our health care net fails the resulting diseases will ultimately affect you. If there are epidemics some of you will probably be affected. The world is old and people in Europe have been through all of this before. If we let our roads and railroads get worse (and they are already not good) you won’t have a supply line. You can’t fly everything in.

Slashing and burning is not the answer here. If we let everything slide we may never be able to afford to rebuild. We are Americans. We don’t usually go for each other’s throats. We don’t usually have dictatorial men or women saying “it’s my way or the highway.” We usually discuss our problems and come up with solutions. We cannot make up all of this debt at once and still have a viable America. We need a slower, but surer plan to pay off, yet maintain. If teachers can forego raises they were promised, our wealthier citizens could let their leaders off the hook and agree to pay somewhat higher taxes, instead of insisting on tax cuts.