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Dissing Hillary

Despite the noise the Donald is making that is making it difficult for most of the GOP candidates to attract much attention, the party is still managing to sling mud at Hillary, even in major news outlets like the NYT. They are still trying to whip us into a frenzy because Hillary used her own server and picked and chose what emails to reveal and which to delete or save as personal. Interestingly enough I learned on a recent Sunday morning from Howard Dean, who is the head of Hillary’s campaign but who could not really lie successfully for long on this because it can easily be fact-checked, that even government employees who use a government server sort out their own private emails before handing over the public ones. I think this story is over – it should have no legs, but I am sure we will continue to hear about this more often than we would wish.

Trey Gowdy keeps asking Hillary to testify before his panel (the 11th) to investigate Benghazi but when she finally names a date he says he did not request her appearance on that date. If he leaves the date of her appearance open then he can complain again and again, thus setting off a new news cycle each time, saying that Hillary is waffling and perhaps unwilling to appear. He can delay and delay until just before the 2016 election. Monday morning news sources tell us that Trey Gowdy also wants to grill Hillary about that private server and Benghazi emails that he claims are still missing, which was never under the original purview of this committee.

Apparently people don’t believe such game-playing is going on or they believe that the games are being played by both sides. The media hardly ever presents a favorable view on Hillary. They remind us over and over again that Americans feel she is untrustworthy. Clearly the media feels she is untrustworthy. Is this Hillary’s most important personality trait? Does she lie to the American people for nefarious reasons of her own or in order to hide the truth? Is there any proof of this behavior or is it just a media interpretation? We all have flaws and we will never find ourselves electing a perfect person as President. What flaws can we live with and what flaws are deal breakers? For the media Hillary’s flaws seem fatal and she gets very little positive press.

In the local paper recently, on the opinion page, is an article that blames Hillary for putting up with Bill’s philandering ways. They suggest that her interest in raising the bar for women and children is fake because she always made insulting remarks about Bill’s conquests or, as one women describes them, his sexual assaults (á la Bill Cosby).

Of course women handle wandering husbands in all kinds of different ways and denial is a frequent one I would think; and as we might guess the public nature of these revelations probably did not make these infidelities any easier to deal with. So how much does Hillary’s sniping at these women who knew very well that Bill was married really say about her treatment of women who live lives of poverty and risk throughout the world. Perhaps her past experiences make her more empathetic. Just how Hillary gets to be burdened with her husband’s sins is a mystery.

One last point (f0r this particular article) – have you noticed that the opposition chooses the most unflattering pictures of Hillary it can find (and I will also admit that her own team probably picks the most flattering pictures it can find).

For now though, I am happy that Hillary is not trying to take on all of the 16 (?) GOP candidates and that she is keeping a low profile until the Republicans choose their candidate. She is offering up a lot of policy. You would think that the election was happening this November, but it is actually not on the calendar until next November. Hillary seems to be losing a lot of ground in the press. Even the people on my Facebook page don’t seem very enthusiastic. Once there is a single Republican candidate I hope she is able to communicate her sincerity strongly enough to convince us all that she is tough enough that she would make a great President.

By Nancy Brisson