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March Madness and Me

March Madness

I am not anyone you would call a sports fan, although I can follow a basketball, baseball, or football game. I do understand the appeal. It is one of the few things in life that is not (at least we hope) scripted. The players may be familiar, the rules established, but the outcome and the path to the outcome is fresh and new each time. It unfolds right in front of us, makes our adrenaline flow, gets us pumped up and excited. We are invested, while the experience lasts, in the game, the moment, and it can be a pretty great high.

But right at this particular moment everyone in my town is a sports fan. Unprecedented events are afoot. A 10th seed basketball team, our 10th seed basketball team has made it to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. And – icing on the cake – our women’s basketball team has also made it to the Final Four. It is truly March Madness.

The school is Syracuse University and the city is Syracuse, NY and right now orange is our color. Even I, not a true sports fan, have caught the madness. If our teams go all the way we will be delirious. But they have already made our hearts happy, entertained us well, and reflected pride on their university and their coaches.

Go Orange! Go forth and win this all. You will be heroes!

By Nancy Brisson