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House Shopping III

I’m supposed to put out positive energy into the universe in order to attract positive things to me. Heaven knows I try. I’m programming myself to believe that I will sell my current home, sending little pretty fireflies, fireworks, bubbles, giggles, out into the universe. I am a positive person – beam those success rays right at me. I am “imaging” me in my new house, working in my new kitchen, lighting a fire in my new fireplace, reading in my new “library”. All the little positive ions around me are vibrating at the same wavelengths as happy music and great conversation or a sunny day. Am I positive enough yet? Oh, you say my energy doesn’t quite ring true. You don’t think a suspicious, paranoid worrier like me can project positivity over a prolonged period of time.

Well I am the “little engine that could.” I am a positive person. In spite of all the insane things that happen every day and in spite of Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road I still want to know what will happen next. But am I positive enough? I’m not a go-on-cruises, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, rock-wall-climbing, party-all-night type. I just don’t have the habit of being a really sunny positive person. Maybe you could send some positive energy out into the universe on my behalf. As you can see, I could use a little help. Thank you in advance for your efforts.