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Roll Back Time

I keep picturing the America some people seem to want. Roll everything back to the 1950’s and you have it, almost. What I hear the Conservative Right saying is:

they want America to be a Caucasian country, minorities can stay, if they a act Caucasian
they want only English spoken in America
they want all illegal immigrants sent home
they want America to be a Christian Democracy
they want totally “laissez faire” capitalism with no interference, read regulation, from government
they want to end all social programs run by the government which would include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Unemployment Insurance, and Welfare
they want us to close the doors of America so that we do not accept any goods from outside
we would manufacture everything we need
we could send things out but not bring things in
we would be the richest nation in the world forever
we would be the most powerful nation in the world forever
no foreign entity could hold property in America
almost anyone who wanted to keep their native traditions could go back to their native county
all gun regulations would be tossed out
abortion would be illegal
smoking and drinking would be fine
churches would take care of the needs of the poor and the sick
This list may not exhaust all the conservative possibilties, and I am not saying whether I agree with these “wish list” items or not because I don’t have to. These options are so unrealistic. They will not happen, they are not real possibilities. They are just attempts to recapture a simpler way of life that seems ideal only from a very narrow point of view. Unless there is a planet changing event that drastically lowers the world population, things stand to get even more complex. Maybe we will colonize space. That would be a real game changer.