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Choo Choo Kaboom

The last time the Robber Barons needed to get their products to consumers they built the American rail system. In fact it became a competition as all good capitalist endeavors do. Today’s Robber Barons are sending their “oil bomb” trains out on worn out railroad infrastructure and those oil trains are blowing up all over America (and Canada).

Here’s something wealthy oil barons could do for all of us and it should be enough in their self-interest that they might actually tackle it. They should voluntarily make safe tracks and safe tanker cars to transport their product. I guess they make so much money that blowing up a town or two is no big deal. I’m guessing that taxpayer money pays for most of the clean up.

I have seen “oil bomb” trains rolling over my local railroad tracks and this crossing is in a densely populated area. I am sure they are rolling through your community also.

Beneath my text is a little album collected from a Google image search and a search of YouTube that documents some of the frightening explosions which have occurred far too frequently across America and will continue to occur because nothing is being done in the short range to change this destructive dynamic.

We are always talking about responsibilities that the Federal government should not take on. Republicans are dying to privatize Social Security. Well if there was ever any expense that should not fall to the government and the American people it is the expenses that result from these “oil bomb” trains and the expenses of remedying the situation.

If we stop allowing “oil bomb” trains to travel across America until sufficient safety features are provided, then I bet those modern-day Robber Barons will update our rail infrastructure right quick.

 A short video, a long video, and a video set to music all from You Tube


By Nancy Brisson