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An Index to Blog Posts on The Brissioni Blog in 2013 (Except Book Posts)

This is the view from the cheap seats.

January, 2013


Wishbone1/1/13 politics, childish games, wishbones *Playing Chess and Celebrating 1/2/13 celebration, dysfunction, fiscal cliff, taxes *Social Security: “Bro” v Mom 1/3/13 budget cuts, deficit, social security *Done Celebrating 1/4/13 dispensation, grover norquist, small government v large government, the election express *Restoring Trust 1/7/13 bargaining, jilting the President, republican rhetoric *

Ground Control to Major Tom 1/8/13 asteroid, 2012DA14, asteroid hunter * A Herculean Task/Tax Reform1/10/13 size of the tax code, tax code reform * Paradoxes 1/11/13 Syrian refugees * An Inaugural Gift 1/15/13 debt ceiling, the people’s President * Pretzel Economics 1/16/13 entitlements * Taking a Scientific Approach to Mass Shootings 1/17/13 gun control, gun violence, mental illness, the NRA, video games * Solving Mass Shootings Not Easy 1/18/13 America taboos, gun control, mental illness

MLK and BHO – OMG 1/21/13 dreams, inauguration of President Obama for second term* Knock On Wood: The Second Term Curse 1/22/13 political folk tales, self-fulfilling prophecy * Snow Days1/23/13 jigsaw puzzles, snow days, Winter * The Benghazi Investigation 1/24/13 Hillary Clinton, testifying about Benghazi * Curiosity and Terraforming Mars 1/25/13 Curiosity, terraforming Mars, water on Mars *

An Endless Republican Loop 1/28/13 the debt the deficit, the demise of the GOP, The Economy * More Siri 1/29/13 digital personal assistants, Siri, technology * Hillary Clinton – What Next 1/30/13 being Secretary of State, Hillary’s first day off, saying thanks


February, 2013


On the Edge of an Innovation 2/1/13 innovation, Peter Diamandis, WSJ, X Prize Foundation * Tactics to Deny Obama Appointments 2/4/13 filibuster, legacy, obstructionism, pandering to financial sector, recess appointments * Beauty/Winter Break – Gardens 2/5/13 beauty, gardens * Abandoning the High Road 2/6/13 America’s self-image, rule of law, rules of war, terrorism and war * Avert the Sequester Cuts 2/7/13 planned cuts in lieu of automatic cuts, sequestration * Racing the Apocalypse 2/8/13 end of the world, new age, post-apocalyptic visions

Duck Dynasty 2/9/13 Duck Dynasty, Friday night TV * High on Life – The Grammies 2/11/13 hippies, music, musicians, The 2013 Grammys * Conjecture about the State of the Union Address 2/12/13 partisan politics, President’s tactics, Republican rhetoric * Reaction – State of the Union Address 2/13/13  education, jobs, Republicans, stimulate the economy, you lost * It’s Asteroid Day2/15/13 asteroid 2012DA14, Siberian meteorites

Legacy2/19/13 Congressional legacy * Worse and Worse in Washington 2/21/13 gridlock, Ted Cruz, unpleasantness * Countdown – Eight Days to Sequester2/22/13 effects of sequestration, sequestration, stonewalling, tax reform * It’s the Middle Class v The Wealthy, Still2/25/13 cuts v. cuts and revenues, middle class v wealthy, Obama v Republicans, sequestration * Silly Advertising Nonsense v Semiotics 2/26/13 advertising * Behind the Scenes – Changing America 2/27/13 GOP, separation of church and state, stealth tactics, under the radar * Trayvon Martin – One Year Later 2/28/13 delayed justice, murder or justifiable homicide, stand your ground


March, 2013


Am I Gaga for Obama? 3/1/13 Congressional legacy, decline and fall of the Republican Party, first African-American President *Heist: Who Stole the American Dream3/5/13 cornering wealth, movie, politics, skewed laws * Bottom-dweller Syndrome 3/6/13 complaisancy, out-of-kilter economics * Brainwashed 3/7/13 brainwashed, Standing up to the wealthy, The GOP

Spring Ahead 3/9/13 spring * Bucking the Oil Industry: Part I 3/11/13 clean technology vs fossil fuels * Bucking the Oil Industry – Part II 3/12/13 clean technology vs fossil fuels * Bucking the Health Care Insurance Industry 3/13/13 no health care insurance, or combo health care insurance, private, public *

No Means No in Politics also 3/18/13 social safety net, tax reform, the media and the Republicans * Iraq War – Ten Years Ago – Some Thoughts 3/20/13 Iraq War, Patriot Acts, remembering * Economically Stuck3/21/13 label propaganda, socialism v capitalism, the American safety net * A Spring Do-Over 3/22/13 spring, spring activities

Trying to Bring the Message Home 3/25/13 dueling budgets, growth, innovation, not austerity * Besides the Economy 3/26/13 the 2013 Congress and the American agenda * Playing – Music 3/27/13 albums, music from the 60’s * Beauty Break – Flowers3/28/13 estate gardens, floral paintings, using color to counteract winter gloom * Still Manipulating the National Agenda 3/29/13 local and state activities, looking left, Republicans still moving to the right * Yikes! Will It Be War? 3/30/13 motives for aggression, North Korea, options to aggression


April, 2013


The Economy of Wishful Thinking 4/1/13 American economy doomed, David A Stockman, economic reform, supply-side v Keynesian economics * “Cannoodling” with Communists 4/2/13 altruism, capitalist-communist partnership, globalization, greed, slave labor * How About those Pipelines? 4/3/13 fresh water supplies, oil pipelines, oil spills, tar sands and oil shales, TransCanada oil pipeline * My Jane Austen Moment 4/6/13 fantasy, Jane Austen * Obstructing Justice 4/8/13 Federal Judges, Obama appointments to court held up in Congress

Guns and Twinkies 4/9/13 gun control * Saying Good-bye to Geneva 4/10/13 rules of war * Fair Elections 4/11/13 corporations are not people, empowered voters * Odd Jobs 4/13/13 getting ahead, making ends meet, supplemental income * A Modern Tale – Oligarchy v Democracy 4/17/13 Industrial Age, Information Age, oligarchy, small government, Space Age *

Betrayed, Depressed, Broken-Hearted 4/18/13 a really bad Congress, gun control * Gut Wrenching 4/20/13 apprehension of Boston terrorists, bombings at Boston Marathon, diversity * Hater Week – Pandora’s Box 4/22/13 exploring reasons for anti-American sentiment * Hater Week – Culture Shock 4/23/13 religious zeal, the evolutionary curve of devoutness

Hater Week – Women’s Rights 4/24/13 education for women, equality, oppression of women, women and Islam, women are human beings * Hater Week – Zombies v the American People4/26/13 2014 election, 2016 election, Congressional place holders, obstructionism * Electric Slide4/27/13 dance, unsolvable dilemmas * Into the Fray, the Red Line 4/29/13 hawks, manipulation, Syria


May, 2013


Please Stop Smoking! 5/1/13 stop smoking ads * Schools – On the Wrong Track  5/2/13 Common Core, creativity, new educational models, standardized testing * Why We Elected Obama 5/3/13 Democrats v Republicans, protecting sanity * A Very Unusual Terrorist 5/6/13 Dshokar Tsarnaev, understanding terrorists * Three Horrific Disasters: One Unlearned Lesson 5/7/13 tragedy, unregulated capitalism, worker’s safety

Robbing Us Blind 5/8/13 corruption in government * Wasted 5/9/13 need for solutions, wasted potential, young people * Benghazi: Murder or Spin 5/10/13 fake outrage, false accusations, Republicans v Democrats * My Bad Week 5/13/13 Benghazi talking points, impeachment, IRS GOP v Dems * Post Terrorism Police Etiquette 5/14/13 don’t talk back, safety v liberty, stern police personnel

Wham, Pow, Kaboom 5/15/13 happy Republicans, what about Americans * Who’s a Patriot? 5/21/13 501 (C) (4)’s, election tactics, IRS, patriots, tea party

A Beast Made of Air  5/22/13 extreme weather, the Moore Oklahoma tornado * Whistle-Blowers v. Leakers  5/23/13 leaker, Obama, the DOJ investigations of certain reporters, whistle-blower * Changing Liberty 5/24/13 immigration legislation, immigration philosophies, immigration Policy * Who’s Going to Jail? 5/25/13  501 (C) (4)’s, image of President, IRS * My Spirea Plants, 2013 5/27/13 Memorial Day, renaissance spirea

My Profile Picture 5/28/13 artist Jack White, my profile picture * Congressional Panels Are Unprofessional 5/29/13 Congressional investigation panels, Joe McCarthy, the IRS investigation * The Nanny State – Still? 5/30/13 makers and takers, small government, the issue that won’t go away, the nanny state * Behind the Curtain: Exposing Oz 5/31/13 circumventing the Constitution, trashing the Constitution, Republicans, undoing America *


June, 2013


A Flower “Bed” 6/1/13 garden accessories, garden puns, gardening * Exposing Oz, Continued6/3/13 Federal Judges, Republicans v Democrats, weakening the Constitution * Crazy Barbies  6/4/13 Barbie, invoking sisterhood, Michele Bachmann, revoking sisterhood, Sarah Palin * Darwin for Humans 6/5/13 dehumanizing America, knockout game, random murder * IRS, No IRS, the ACA and the flat tax – sexy 6/6/13 end the IRS, flat tax, the 2014 election, the ACA, The GOP, the IRS * The Shed Saga6/7/13 Lowe’s, replacing my shed

The Trial of George Zimmerman 6/10/13 George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, trial of George Zimmerman * We Just Want to Have Fun 6/11/13 getting Americans to pay attention to government * Is She Still Talking About the Constitution 6/12/13 saving the Constitution, the role of the American people in government * The IRS and the ACA – OMG  6/13/13 Affordable Care Act, jobs, obstructionism, the IRS *  Snooping on America 6/14/13 changing the security target, intelligence gathering versus privacy, safety versus privacy, jobs, NSA

US Involvement in Syria 6/19/13 suckers for a good revolution, Syria, Syrian refugees, US involvement in Syria * Bottled Genies and Time Machines 6/20/13 GOP, stop the war on women, women voters * Takers – For My Sister 6/21/13 disability, takers, welfare * Toad Vomit  6/22/13  GOP junk science, GOP rape nonsense  *  The Sweet Spot  6/24/13 sweetness  *  The Sweet Spot 2  6/25/13  toddlers

The Sweet Spot 3 – Senator Wendy Davis  6/25/13  anti-abortion laws, Texas war on women, Wendy Davis  *  The Sweet Spot 5 – Bravery, Compassion and the White Album  6/28/13  the Beatles White Album, US citizens, US soldiers  *  The Sweet Spot 6 – Chocolate Pound Cake  6/29/13 recipes


July, 2013


The GOP War on Higher Education  7/1/13  college loan rates, colleges and liberal brainwashing, colleges and voter suppression  *  The Last Week of June  7/2/13  human rights, one step forward, one week of human rights loses and gains, two steps back  *  CEO Pay and the Revolution  7/3/13  gap between CEO pay and worker pay, guns, humor or not, revolution *   Giving Egypt Space  7/5/13  spontaneous demonstration, Tahrir Square, who will lead Egypt, wishing Egypt well

More on the Space/Time Continuum (sort of)  7/6/13 2040 Asteroid, asteroid, Siberian meteorites  *  The George Zimmerman Trial  7/8/13  George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, trial of George Zimmerman  * Closing Ranks – The George Zimmerman Trial  7/9/13  police closing ranks, trial of George Zimmerman  *  We Don’t Want No Immigration  7/10/13  border security, immigration, path to citizenship or amnesty 

Change Senate Filibuster Rules Now  7/13/13  2014 election, an un-American agenda, filibuster, obstructionism  *  Technically Justice/Still A Travesty  7/15/13  George Zimmerman, self defense, Trayvon Martin  *  The Paradox of our Second Amendment Rights  7/16/13  fear of facism, guns, paramilitary police tactics  *  The Racial Divide in America  7/17/13  being fair, color-blindness, equality, the racial divide  * The Royal Baby and Me  7/18/13  birthdays, royal baby

Cliches and Analogies/Hope and Change  7/23/13  hope and change, Obama’s “failures”, racism, Republican obstructionism, the South rises  *  Have We Dipped Our Brush in Too Many Pots  7/24/13  an agenda and a shadow agenda, deliberate obfuscation, too many issues  *  The War of the Worlds  7/25/13  Future America, The Economy, the Middle Class

The Shed Saga, Part 2  7/30/13  replacing my shed  *  My 1000th Blog Post – My Sister Wrote a Book  7/31/13  1000th blog post, book


August, 2013


Rand Paul – No Mitch McDeere Here  8/1/13  Rand Paul, the politics of meanness  *  USPS Comes Under Small Government Axe  8/2/13  cluster mailboxes, stop cutting public employment, USPS  *  An Andy Warhol Exhibit in Utica, NY  8/3/13  Andy Warhol, art exhibit, Munson Proctor Museum, Williams Proctor House

Is This What You Really Really Want  8/5/13  austerity, social safety net, the deficit, the national debt  * Detroit and Dominos  8/6/13  abandoning pension promises, bankrupt cities, Detroit, other American cities  *  “In the Day” and Now/”Black Power”  8/7/13  Black Power, more African American representation in the media, the African American perspective, then and now  *  The Nostalgia Train – Vietnam  8/9/13 letters from Vietnam, life, nostalgia, snafus 

No Viable Republicans  8/12/13  GOP extremists, GOP unelectable  *  This is the Droid You’re Looking For  8/13/13  beginning of the future, new thing  *  Disrespect at Home Translates to Disrespect Abroad/Egypt  8/15/13  Congressional disrespect for President, foreign relations, strategy for Egypt 

Redistribution of Wealth My Eye  8/19/13  re-redistribution of wealth, redistribution of wealth, the great corporate migration, what America lost  *  Off to the Races  8/20/13  2014 election, 2016 election, news commentators  *  Republicans Winning at State Level  8/21/13  2014 election, 2016 election, electoral votes of Republican states, states with Republican governors and legislators  *  Ted Cruz/ Cartoonish or Sinister  8/22/13  Political Purity, Ted Cruz  *  The Way, Way Back and other coming of age movies – Movie  8/23/13  coming of age, movies, Fruitvale Station, Moonrise Kingdom, The Way, Way Back

What Would It Take for Us to Rise Up?  8/26/13  political activism, political inertia  *  Thanks for Playing Bill O’Reilly, Sorry You Are Not a Winner  8/28/13  Bill O’Reilly, nuclear family, solving dysfunctional social behavior  *  Who Should the President Listen To?  8/29/13  a red line, Syria, US involvement in Syria  *  What is it with men?/Syria  8/30/13  creative approbation, drawing red lines, Syria


September, 2013


Labor Day, 2013: Reflections on American Workers   9/2/13  Labor Day, the value of workers, Unions, unions and politics, workers  *  A Quick Escape  9/3/13  beauty, Nature, nostalgia, weeping willows  *  Is Representative Democracy Dying in America?  9/4/13  representative democracy, actual democracy, too many voices  * Going Bigger, Much Bigger  9/5/13  climate change, cutting energy use, energy programs, the environment  *  Shopping for a “Smart” Phone  9/6/13  smart phones

Who’s the Bad Guy, Obama or Assad?  9/9/13  isolationism, talking with weapons, the tone of the Syrian debate  *  Can Democrats Win the House in 2014?  9/10/13  the 2014 election   *  Behind the Pay Wall  9/11/13  pay walls  *  Basically A Rant  9/12/13  2014 election, foreign relations, Grover Norquist, Koch brothers, Obama, obstructionism, Republicans, Syria, tea party

Is a Crazy Man Defending Guns in America?  9/18/13  gun control, megalomania, the NRA, Wayne La Pierre  *  American Government Now a Spectator Sport  9/19/13  addicted to suspense, media ratings, political coup, purse strings, the ACA, the continuing resolution, the debt ceiling  *  Judging Internet Posts:  Quantity vs. Quality  9/20/13  blogging, internet marketing, “tricks” or strategies, quantity vs. quality, search results  

Trivializing Freedom  9/24/13  abusing freedom, Freedom, thoughts about Freedom  *  The Republican Lies About the ACA (Obamacare)   9/25/13  Affordable Health Care Act, Obamacare, Republican opposition to the ACA  *  Surprises of Globalization  9/27/13  culture shock, global economy, globalization, peace, terrorism, tolerance  *  GOP – Strident and Shrill Equals Desperate   9/30/13  politics not health care, the ACA


October, 2013


Hastert Rule/Filibuster Below 60 – The Obstructionist’s Toolbox  10/1/13  filibuster, Hastert Rule, Republican obstructionism, which party created Hastert Rule and 60 Vote Rule  *  Touching Base With Social Security  10/2/13  saving Social Security  *  Culling the Herd – Limited Government  10/3/13  entitlements, Federalism, limited government, political coup, Social Darwinism by Creationists, social safety net  *  Cooties  10/5/13  cootie shots, health care, Republicans

Mutiny Aboard the Ship of State  10/7/13  minority rules?, the purse strings and law  *  Stonewalling While Our Oceans Die  10/9/13  avoiding real problems, deniers, obstructionism v. the environoment, the environment  *  GOP – Do You Have the Stomach for This?   10/10/13  better steel your heart against misery  *  Why Can’t We Stop the GOP?  10/12/13  avoiding civil war, avoiding default, opening government, reasonable demands for the GOP, we want regular order

Great Debt Ceiling Analogies and Expert Opinions  10/14/13  2013 shutdown/default impasse, debt ceiling 2013, government shutdown 2013, Political analogies of the Fall  *  A Note to Egypt  10/16/13  a note to Egypt, government in Egypt and America, pictures from Egypt, tourism in Egypt  *  No Stateliness in Our State  10/18/13  a grim nation, black ties and satins, state dinners or social dances

Bouncing Back  10/21/13  bop bags, Dems still not winning, Republicans uncowed, still considering the Republican agenda  *  Gravity – A 3D Movie  10/22/13  movie  *  Out to Pasture  10/22/13  2014 election, negating the influence of the tea party, tea party  *  More Gravity  10/24/13  2312 living in an airless place, alone in space, Gravity, implications for human exploration of space

Responses to the Anti-ACA Obsessed  10/28/13  stop talking about the ACA, the ACA, the ACA web site, the NSA needs our attention  *  The NSA – Living Without Privacy  10/29/13  angry allies, closing in on Big Brother, involuntarily living in full view, privacy, the NSA  *  More Tools from the Obstructionists Toolbox  10/30/13  delay and distract, designing a new legislature, stop obstructing, we want regular order


November, 2013


Obama is Just Like Fidel Castro  11/1/13  individual mandate, keeping your insurance policy, Obama and Fidel, paranoid immigrants, who’s unconstitutional  *  Responsive Reading with Refrain  11/4/13  cutting the safety net, it’s our money, privatizing the safety net, Republican cuts to safety net, social safety net  *  A Beauty Break – Good-Bye to Fall  11/5/13  beauty, deciduous trees, Fall   *  What Does This Off-Year Election Mean  11/6/13  still divided, the 2013 elections, the fever has not broken, the last hurrah of white men, the pundits  *  A Quick Look at Common Core   11/7/13 changing views, Common Core, Pearson, review of the literature  *  The Social Safety Net Guilt Trip Debunked  11/8/13  social safety net, what we spend on corporations, what we spend on the social safety net

Veteran’s Day, 2013 – My Thoughts, My Thanks  11/11/13  books about Rome and Roman soldiers, drones, modern warfare, prosthetics, recognizing veterans, the Roman soldier  *  I Trust Obama More Than I  Trust Insurance Companies  11/12/13  health care, private insurers, the ACA, who lied Obama or insurance companies  *  Where is the Male Support for Roe v. Wade?   11/13/13  freedom v religion, male support for women’s reproductive rights, misogyny, Roe v. Wade and men, Rush Limbaugh  *  Coastal Woes  11/15/13  coastal grief is becoming common, how to protect our coastlines and our budgets and our people, the Philippines, what conclusions from storm surges

The End of Democracy – the Koch Brothers  11/19/13  Democracy, Koch brothers, money, money and politics, politics, unofficial official organizations  *  Ceasefire in Washington is Temporary  11/20/13  choosing which America, Obama, obstructionism, Republicans, youth vote  *  Reprint of Senator Kennedy and Me  11/22/13

I’m Very Disappointed with Dan Maffei  11/25/13  Dan Maffei  *  Join Me in My Boycott  11/26/13  boycott Hobby Lobby, boycott McDonald’s, boycott Walmart  *  Thankfulness and John Lennon  11/27/13  John Lennon, peace, saying thanks 

December, 2013

No Scientific Evidence Favors Social Darwinism  12/2/13  fiction, historical perspective, Social Darwinism, social safety net  *  Is the Media Trying to Kill the ACA?  12/3/13  media rooting for ACA to fail, the ACA, the media  *  The Budget Committee, December, 2013  12/4/13  2013 budget committee, getting anxious about the budget, the 2014 election, the budget  *  The Pill and the Family  12/5/13  birth control pill, nuclear family, reactionary beliefs, Republicans  *  My Mom and Publisher’s Clearing House  12/6/13  exploiting the psychology of winning, mom’s legacy, Publisher’s Clearing House, scamming  * 

Unsolicited Advice Week – Go To School  12/9/13  school, the last positive free thing, the value of schooling  *  Raising the Minimum Wage is the Right Thing to Do – Unsolicited Advice Week  12/11/13  minimum wage, redistribution v repayment, service economy, tax codes and “subsidies”  *  Beds in the Senate – Unsolicited Advice Week  12/12/13  beds in the Senate, national disaster or nuttiness

The Role of Rachel Maddow in the Media and Politics  12/16/13  meticulous reporting, nit-picking in a good way, Rachel Maddow  *  Gifts for Gamers, 2013  12/17/13  best video games of 2013, coffee table books, channeling The Daily Beast, new gaming systems, video games  *  Spend Money to Make Money 12/20/13  end austerity, middle class is deluded, reverse the attack on the middle class and the poor, spend money to make money  

One Tool of Obstruction Down, One to Go  12/23/13  can’t reboot the House the way we rebooted the Senate, Hastert Rule, unwritten rules  *  Computers on a Bus  12/24/13  action oriented schools, broadening horizons, computers on a bus, interdisciplinary curricula, nature and computers, schools, summer programs for students  *  The Other West Coast Boy  12/26/13  David Hockney’s Bigger Exhibition, west coast boys

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