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Index of Blog Posts for the Brissioni Blog for 2012 (except books)


This is the view from the cheap seats.


January, 2012

Fears for the future1/2/12  2012 and beyond *  Iowa and Our Future  1/3/12  the 2012 election  * Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Movie  1/4/12  movies  *  The Descendants – Movie  1/5/12  movies  *  Games for 2012 – 30 Most Anticipated 1/7/12

Mitt Romney and Our Safety Net  1/9/12  Federalism, Social Programs  *  Cowboys and Aliens  1/10/12  movies  *  Triple Whammy  1/11/12  Economy  *  Dependence on Foreign Oil  1/12/12  energy sources  *  Lake Effect  1/14/12  Snow

 Millions, Billions and Trillions  1/16/12  the 2012 election, The Economy  *  Where Are the Birds?  1/17/12  Nature  *  “Props” to Syracuse University Basketball Team   1/19/12  *  My Coffee Table Books  1/21/12  Books

 Shaking in My Boots  1/23/12  Evangelicals, Republicans, the 2012 election  *  Steven Tyler and the National Anthem  1/24/12 national anthem  *  Can Obama Accomplish His Goals for America?   1/25/12  politics, shame on the Republicans, State of the Union Address, the zombie army  *  Moneyball – A Movie  1/27/12  movies  *  Baseball Movies  1/28/12  baseball movies, movies 

How Likely Are Water Wars?  1/31/12  the environment, water


February, 2012

Planned Parenthood Under Continued Attack  2/1/12 freedom of religion, Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, when life begins, women’s health  *  Egypt: Nostalgia and Hope  2/2/12  Arab Spring, politics, revolution, soccer, violence  *  Why does Iran Act Like a “Hater”?  Iran, nukes, peace, war  *  My Hedges and My Beardsley Prints  2/4/12  Beardley prints, my hedges 

The Age of “Big Brother” – We’re Almost There   2/6/12  lose of freedom, personal drones, surveillance  *  Christian – Who Backs It?  2/7/12  a dating website, income sources, influence peddling  *  What’s Going On With Our Drugs?  2/8/12  drug recalls  *  Boycott Chinese-Made Tech Toys  2/9/12  Made in China, worker  *  Wind River – Not As Nice As It Sounds  1/10/12  a community in trouble, hydrofracking  *  The Lake in a Snowless Winter  2/11/12  an unusual winter day, the lake 

The Immortal Soul  2/13/12  contraception, health care, politics, the Catholic Church  *  Be Your Own Valentine  2/14/12  valentine’s day  *  When Winning Might Not Be Winning  2/15/12  Syria  *  Baby Names – Girls – January to mid February, 2012  2/17/2012  Baby names, girls  *  Baby Names  – Boys – January to mid February, 2012  2/18/12  Baby Names, boys

Snippets 5  2/22/12  Miscellaneous, news  *  Our Schools  2/23/12  schools  *  Marriage Declines – Who’s Responsible  2/24/12  cohabitation, families, morality  *  One for the Money – Movie  2/25/12  movies  *  A Sentimental Oscar Sunday  2/27/12  family, memories, movie nostalgia, The Artist  *  Kick Women Out of the Job Market   2/28/12  women working  *  If It Walks Like a Duck  2/29/12  informed voters, local politics, social agendas, unfair press


March, 2012

Lock Up Your Guns 3/1/12  guns, minors, school shooters  *  Celestial Splendor and Politics  3/2/12  celestial event, China, space race  

The Great Society  3/5/12  the 2012 election, The Great Society  *  The Great Society Meets  Globalization  3/6/12  middle class, political divide, Social Programs, The Great Society  *  The Great Society III: Two Books, Two Eras  3/7/12  Books, the 2012 election, The Great Society  *  Attack From Outer Space  3/8/12  *  Not Death Panels, Just the Bottom Line  3/9/12  euthanasia, extraordinary measures, health care, the class divide  *  Two Milestone Anniversaries  3/10/12  101st International Women’s Day, Queen Elizabeth’s 60th

Promises, Promises  3/12/12  budget cuts, federal government, Governor Cuomo, pensions  *  Why the GOP Loves Reagan  3/13/12  Ronald Reagan’s economic policies, The Economy, The GOP  *  Playing with the Big Boys  3/14/12  Governor Cuomo, NYS Stock Market, Tier VI  *  Just for Fun  3/17/12  humor in decorating  

Winning by Stealth and Circumstance  3/19/12  politics, strategy, The GOP  *  Young Adult – A Movie  3/21/12  movie  *  How Will Democrats Save Medicare?  3/22/12  Democrats v Republicans, health care, Medicare, women’s health  *  Hugo – Movie  3/23/12  movie  *  Like Crazy – Movie  3/24/12  movie

Suspense  3/26/12  Affordable Health Care Act, Constitution, health care, paranoia week, Supreme Court  *  The Doomsday Seed Vault – Altruism or Corporate Plot?  3/27/12  conspiracy theory, paranoia week, preserving nature, seed vault  *  March Madness??  3/28/12  airplanes, meltdowns, paranoia week, terrorism  *  Rollerball Syndrome  3/29/12  ALEC, corporations, laws, paranoia week  *  Trayvon Martin – I Don’t Understand  3/30/12  authority of neighborhood watch groups, defending yourself, George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin  *  Gas and Presidents  3/31/12  paranoia week, price at the pump, reverse lobbying, the 2012 election


April, 2012

The Debt – Movie  4/2/12  movie  *  The Hunger Games/Anatomy of a Revolution  4/3/12  Anatomy of a Revolution, Books, The Hunger Games *  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Movie 4/4/12  movie  *  Jeff Who Lives at Home  4/6/12  movie  *  Baby Names – Girls – 2/12/12 – 4/1/12   4/6/12  Baby names, girls  *  Baby Names – Boys – 2/12/12 – 4/1/12  4/7/12  Baby names, boys

Live Cam  4/9/12  great blue herons, Nature, red-tailed hawk  *  What does Siri Look Like?  4/10/12  contest to imagine Siri, Siri  *  This is the Year America Chooses  4/11/12  Hillary Clinton, the 2012 election  *  Zimmerman/Martin – No Happy Ending  4/12/12  arrest of George Zimmerman, charges by prosecutor, racism  *  Two of Everything  4/13/12  gridlock and beyond, transportation bill

Water World?  4/16/12  climate change, water  *  Space – We Miss You Already  4/18/12  Discover, space shuttles  *  Snippets 6  4/19/12  Buffett rule, flight crews, GSA, Hillary Rosen, Martin/Zimmerman, misc., Secret Service, Ted Nugent  *  The Iron Lady – Movie  4/20/12  Conservatives, lessons of history, Margaret Thatcher, movie  *  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Movie  4/21/12  movie

Laughing in Church  4/23/12  an inappropriate, but funny spoof  *  Hints for Obama from 007  4/24/12  hehe, the 2012 election *  FOX and Made-up News  4/25/12  creating news, FOX  *  Obama Blinked – Discuss  4/28/12  a little political satire

Income Inequality  4/30/12  causes of income inequality in America, gaming the system, Social Programs


May, 2012

Hunger Games – Movie  5/1/12  compares book and movie, movie  *  At the Intersection of Literature and Politics  5/2/12  a little political satire, Writers of the World festival  *  I Need Some Beauty – Richard Diebenkorn  5/3/12  beauty, paintings  *  More Beauty Please  5/4/12  chrysanthemums, fireworks, supermoon  *  Extending My Beauty Binge – Birds  5/5/12  bird photos contributed to Cornell Labs

Generation Wars  5/7/12  boomers ripping off millenials, millenials, Social Security  *  Generation Wars II  5/8/12  jobs, older workers v younger workers  *  Environmental Wars  5/9/12  global warming, pollution, the environment  *  New Data on Global Warming  5/10/12  global warming, small scale studies v big picture  *  Same-Sex Marriage/Demographics  5/11/12  a free society, benefits of marriage,

Velma Augusta  5/14/12  Mother’s Day  My Mom  *  More Global Warming  5/16/12  carbon dioxide levels, dangers, tar sands and oil shales, two views  *  Magic 8 Ball   5/17/12  definitions, global warming v climate change, magic 8 ball  *  You Can’t Be a Socialist in a Democracy  5/18/12  *  All in the Kitchen/the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society   5/19/12  charity, Debbie Heindorf, Light the Night, LLS

The Social Security Dialogue, Part I  5/21/12  Bush era tax cuts, Mark Thoma, Social Security  *  Social Security Dialogue, Part II  5/22/12  health care costs, misinformation, Social Security  *  UN Agenda 21 – A Little Paranoia Break?  5/23/12  Agenda 21, our future or paranoia, sustainability  *  Social Security Dialogue, Part III  5/24/12  Social Security  *  Social Security Dialogue, Part IV  5/25/12  raise the tax cap, Social Security

Honor the Warriors  5/28/12  Memorial Day, soldiers, war  *  Social Security Dialogue, Part V  5/29/12  myths about Social Security, wealthy elderly  *  Social Security Dialogue, Part IV  5/30/12  myths about Social Security, Ponzi scheme, Social Security  * Agenda 21 Again – What’s On the Internet?  5/31/12  Agenda 21, our future or paranoia, UN World Domination


June, 2012

War on Women – A Conversation   6/1/12  Democrats v Republicans, war on women

Counting Coup  6/4/12  politics, studies that count things  *  Spending – A Sensible Approach vs Medieval Bleeding  6/5/12  is Obama a big spender, twisting math  *  Snippets 7  6/6/12  Clinton backs Obama, Equal Pay for women, Nigerian plane crash, recall vote in Wisconsin, Venus transit Sun  *  Just Dance  6/7/12  artistic expression, natural high, So You Think You Can Dance  *  Stop Nitpicking – Ignore the Triumvirate  6/9/12  Choosing the future, politics, The Economy

Racism  6/11/12  Obama, politics, racism  *  Agenda 21 Revisited  6/12/12  Agenda 21, Doomsday Seed Vault, Happiness Economy  *  No Ordinary Downturn  6/13/12  jobs, the 2012 election, The Economy, unemployment  *  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Movie  6/14/12  9/11, movie  *  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Movie  6/15/12  movie  *  Happy Father’s Day  6/16/12  dads, great dads  *  Mitt Romney is a Figurehead  6/17/12  Romney, the 2012 election, the zombie army 

Be A Responsible Citizen – Speak Up  6/18/12  Federal Transportation Bill, jobs, take action  *   Agenda 21 – Rio 20 Years  6/19/12  Agenda 21, paranoia or fact, sustainability  *  Girl’s Names – April 8, 2012 – May 27, 2012  6/21/12  girl’s names  *  Obama’s Bad Week  6/22/12  Eric Holder and Fast and Furious, Immigration Policy, Putin and Obama  *  Boy’s Names – April 8, 2012 –May 27, 2013 (This date was a typo. This typo made this article very popular because it looked like I was predicting the boy’s names of the future. I am sorry for gains I made on this article, gains I accrued in error.)  6/23/12  Baby names, boys 

Waiting With Obama  6/25/12  Affordable Health Care Act, Supreme Court  *  Rio+20-Quelle Disappointment  6/26/12  economy trumps environment, Rio+20  *  The Left Wing has Richer Backers  6/27/12  Conservative whining, money, Obama whines a little too  *  Becoming Our Own Charity  6/28/12  Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security  *  Four Fathers  6/29/12  Affordable Health Care Act, out of control, Republicans


July, 2012

Nora Ephron: Our Jane Austen  7/2/12  Books, Jane Austen, movies, Nora Ephron, writer  *  Put Your Money on The Table  7/3/12  501 (c) (3’s), make a donation to Obama, Obama  *  Independence  7/4/12  independence, simple pleasures, winning  *  Update Emergency Preparedness  7/5/12  downed power lines, emergency preparedness, storms  *  Sources on the Left  7/6/12  liberal sources on the web  *  Sources on the Right  7/7/12  conservative web sites

Relying on Magic for Jobs  7/9/12  jobs, magic?, the media, unemployment  *  To Rome With Love by Woody Allen – Movie  7/10/12  movie  *  Mediscare and/or Medifact  7/12/12  doctor shortages, Expanded Medicaid, supply and demand, technology  *  A Bipartisan Concern – The Tax Code   7/13/12  bipartisan, tax code reform, The Economy

Another I’m Rubber, You’re Glue Moment  7/16/12  Bain, Obama v. Romney, outsourcing  *  Republican Tax Code Reforms  7/17/12  Paul Ryan tax plan, Republicans, tax code reform  *  Corporations Are Not People  7/19/12  a government is a business, Capitalism, Citizen’s United, corporations are people, Democracy  *  We Need a New Approach to Mental Illness  7/21/12  gun control, mass murder, mental illness

Moonrise Kingdom – Movie  7/23/12  movie  *  More New Global Warming Math  7/24/12  alternative energy, fossil fuels, global warming, the math  *  Sitting Ducks  7/25/12  call for action, gangs, gun violence, random shooters  *  Spacey Again  7/26/12  Curiosity, Higgs boson, multiple universes, Sally Ride, twin galaxies  *  Remotes  7/27/12  call for action, electronics, frustration, TV remotes

My Spirea – One Year Later  7/30/12  garden, renaissance spirea  *  Close One Loophole, Open Another  7/31/12  broken government, ethics law, insider trading


August, 2012

The Single-Minded Party   8/2/12   protecting wealth, The GOP   *   Lost in Transition   8/3/12  newspapers, paper vs. ereader 

Our Shame and Our Pride  8/6/12  space, Terrorists  *  Mitt Romney and Pretty Woman  8/7/12  good old boys, Mitt Romney, Pretty Woman, The GOP  *  Blog 700 – Looking Back to Blog #1  8/8/12  Book recommendations  *  The Devil is in the Details  8/10/12  Mitt Romney, the 2012 election  *  Mitt Romney Chooses Darth Vader for VP   8/11/12  extreme views, Republicans, the far right  *  Saying Goodbye to Maeve Binchy  8/12/12  Books, novelist dies, tribute

Increases in Public Dependence on Government   8/13/12  jobs, misery, public assistance  *  We’ll Take the Burqa – The New Evangelicals  8/14/12  Paul Ryan for VP, the 2012 election, women’s health, women’s rights  *  We Are Addicted to Novelty  8/16/12  austerity, Ayn Rand, Novelty, Paul Ryan for VP, Paul Ryan tax plan, small government  

Divisive  8/20/12  I’m rubber/you’re glue, politics, truth or dare, who’s divisive  *  Why the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Plan Won’t Work  8/21/12  block grants, Medicaid, Medicare, the American safety net, vouchers  *  Don’t Buy the Kinder, Nicer Paul Ryan  8/22/12  moderating extremism for expediency, Paul Ryan for VP, the 2012 election  *  If You Can’t Buy a Law Maker, Buy a Political Party  8/24/12  campaign funds, corporations and our government, Romney, The GOP  *  Velma Augusta Turns 95  8/25/12  My Mom’s Birthday

Convention Nostalgia  8/28/12  political conventions  *  Tough Love  8/29/12  Chris Christie, poor children, the American safety net  *  Can We Save New Orleans?  8/30/12  delta location, future hurricanes, New Orleans, geography  *  Avoiding the Demise of Senior Programs  8/31/12  AARP, Medicare, seniors, Social Security


September, 2012

A Blue Labor Day  9/3/12  Labor Day, the 2012 election, tough times  *  Two Paths Diverged – Who’s Right?  9/4/12  bailouts, economics, global vs. kitchen table economics, TARP and stimulus  *  Bernie – Movie  9/5/12  movie  *  I Found the Democrats  9/7/12  the Democrats, the DNC, the speakers  *  Pets May Become Obsolete  9/8/12  cost of pet care, pets  *  The Gray Men  9/10/12  jobs, paranoia, power cabal  *  The Emotional Shockwave of September 11th  9/11/12  9/11, our innocence, our vigilance  *  Playing Chicken  9/12/12  losing jobs, manipulation, medical devices tax

Lesson From Republicans  9/13/12  lessons learned, the opposition  *  No Good Deed Goes Unpunished  9/14/12  attacks in Egypt, attacks in Libya, culture shock  *  Tah-may-toe/Toh-mah-toe (My Tomatoes)  9/15/12  crop pride, fruit and veggie trucks, gardening  *  A Toast – To Freedom: win it, define it, keep it  9/18/12  Fear of Freedom, Middle East, social contract  *  The 53% vs the 47%  9/19/12  resetting America, Social Programs, The Economy

Afghanistan and Opium – How Can a Stoned Nation Survive?  9/20/12  Afghanistan, opium, poppy crop, productivity, wasted potential  *  Bait and Switch? (The 2012 Election)  9/25/12  candidates not interchangeable, the 2012 election  *  Voting – A Moral Imperative  9/26/12  the duty to vote, the right to vote, vote

Agenda 21 and Microapartments  9/27/12  Agenda 21, forced environmentalism, global domination, microapartments  *  “Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils”  9/29/12  banned trees, Fall, my Norway maple


October, 2012

Reconvene State Militias  10/1/12  domestic preparedness, empowerment, state militias  *  Peaceful Coexistence or Escalation?  10/2/12  peace, the red line, US involvement in the Middle East  *  Turning Schools Around  10/3/12  computers in school, improving schools, school grants, schools   *  Losing, But Winning  10/4/12  the 2012 election, the debate  *  The Park at the Lake in Early Fall  10/6/12  Fall, the lake 

Why We Need a Do-Over  10/8/12  American shame, racism, reverse racism, the 2012 election  *  Catalogue Heaven  10/9/12  browsing catalogues, daydreaming, shopping, the holidays  *  Mitt Romney and a Lava Lamp  10/11/12  extreme views, Mitt Romney, moderate candidate, the 2012 election  *  The VP Debate – Questions We Are Left With  10/12/12  in case you haven’t decided, the 2012 election, the VP debate  *  Our 21st Century Columbus Day Conscience  10/13/12  colonialism, imperialism

In Thrall to a Libertarian  10/16/12  ad hoc power, Americans for Tax Reform and Grover Norquist  *  Obama v. Romney/CNN Off the Deep End  10/17/12  Obama’s economic plan, Romney’s economic plan, the 2012 elections, the media  *  Oh, Oh, I’m Becoming A Groupie  10/20/12  Bill Clinton, Dan Maffei, groupie, Hillary Clinton, political rally

The Great American Divide   10/23/12  a divided nation, the 2012 election, What if there is a tie  *  Libya on 9/11  10/25/12  Benghazi attack, Libya, who knew what

Protecting the Grid  10/27/12  homeland security, infrastructure concerns, natural disasters, the power grid  *  Bamboozled by Political Invective  10/29/12  anger, bigotry, fears, propaganda, pundits, the 2012 election  *  Sandy  10/30/12  home movies, Tropical Cyclone Sandy  *  Rebutting Mr Peterfly  10/31/12  Democracy, fear mongering, Socialism


November, 2012

Protection from Cyberattacks  11/1/12  computers, cyberattacks  * Downton Abbey – A PBS TV Series – Season One  11/2/12  Downton Abbey 

Perhaps the Best Propaganda Technique of All  11/5/12  co-opting your opponent, Republican propaganda, the 2012 election  *  OMG – The Election is Here  11/6/12  election day, the 2012 election  *  Yay! Welcome Back President Obama  11/7/12  Obama and the future, the 2012 election  *  What Will America Make  11/8/12  automation/robotics, manufacturing in the US  *  Our Robot Karma  11/9/12  robots yes or no

 Veteran’s Day, 2012  11/12/12 armbands, recognizing veterans  *  Cul de Sacs and Agenda 21  11/13/12  Agenda 21, manipulation or common sense  *  Off the Energy Grid  11/14/12  Frank Bates, inexpensive solar panels, off the grid  *  Revenue, Budget Cuts, and Mandates  11/15/12  mandates, taxes, the fiscal cliff  *  Boys Just Want to Have Fun  11/17/12  do power and hormones make bad behavior inevitable, testoerone or fraternity

An End Run Around Grover Norquist  11/20/12  creative financing, Grover Norquist, infrastructure concerns  *  Thinking Inside the Box  11/21/12  revised tax forms, the American safety net, the federal budget  *  Thankful  11/22/12  saying thanks  *  Gifts for Gamers, 2012  11/23/12  best video games of 2012, gamers  *  Is Apocalypse Inevitable  11/24/12  human nature, literature, post-apocalyptic visions 

Taxes By Income If We Go Off The Cliff  11/27/12  examples of effects by income level, off the fiscal cliff, taxes  *  Should We Go Over the Cliff: The Numbers  11/28/12  off the fiscal cliff, sequestration, summary *  Should We Go Off the Cliff: The Rationale  11/29/12  off the fiscal cliff, opinions, The Economy  *  Scapegoating or Trolling for a President  11/30/12  Benghazi attack, investigation gone wrong, playing get the President, Susan Rice


December, 2012

My Twinkle Lights and My Spirea, Winter 2012  12/1/12  renaissance spirea, twinkle lights  *  Democracy in Action/The Fiscal Cliff  12/3/12  priorities, the fiscal cliff, write to Congress

What Will You Legacy Be, GOP?  12/4/12  Grover Norquist, legacy, Republicans, the fiscal cliff  *  Neutralize Norquist  12/6/12  Grover Norquist, puppets, small government, the tax pledge  *  Fear-mongering  12/7/12  entitlements, fear mongering, Medicare, Social Security, the fiscal cliff  *  Arbitrage – A Movie  12/8/12  movie

Fracking for Dollars  12/10/12  fossil fuel ads, hydrofracking  *  The Keystone  12/11/12  bargaining, climate change, Keystone Pipeline, the fiscal cliff  *  The End of the World/Global Insanity  12/12/12  climate change, Mayan prediction, political unrest, terrorism  *  You Lost!  12/13/12  fiscal cliff, Medicare, Social Security, you lost  *  Speechless  12/15/12  the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Coming of Age in America  12/17/12  adolescents, education  *  Books I Read in 2012  12/18/12  Books  *  My Digital Tropical Christmas  12/20/12  beaches, palm trees, twinkle lights  *  My Digital Christmas in New York 12/21/12  Christmas in NYC, fantasy, twinkle lights  *  The NRA – How Disappointing, How Predictable  12/22/12  extreme views, gun control, gun violence, guns, the NRA  *  My Digital Christmas in Paris  12/24/12  digital tourism, Paris at Christmas, twinkle lights

Our Fiscal Fate – then and now  12/26/12  fiscal cliff, Social Programs, Social Security  *  Cookies  12/27/12  Christmas cookies  * Snow: Two Snow Jobs  12/28/12  disbanding Congress, old white men, Republicans, Snow, snow jobs  *  Traitors/Racists  12/31/12  disbanding Congress, racists, Republican traitors, why do we have the fiscal cliff


By Nancy Brisson


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