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Your FICO or Your Life

We did not used to be led around by our FICO scores. The advice I hear on TV lately is that you should not make any life decision without thinking about what it will do to your FICO score; not marriage, not divorce; not birthing of babies, not asking for loans, not starting a small business, not dental work, not hospital visits. You shouldn’t even buy a new sofa. It reminds me of China where an astrologist was consulted before any life event. Except your FICO score is published for, apparently, all to see. Did you know that before someone sells you car insurance they can check your FICO score. Why? They sort of have you over a barrel already. If you don’t pay for car insurance you can’t register a car. Maybe we could just get a little necklace that would constantly flash our FICO score like that sign in Times Square that registers the steadily and rapidly increasing national debt. We could see what buying that new laptop would do to our FICO score. I know it is important to understand how credit works. And yet I always learned that the important things in life could not be expressed with a numerical value. So isn’t this living life backwards.