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Music Shock

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OK – I was a Hippie. I went to Woodstock. I swore I would never lose track of music. But the other evening my nephew was visiting from Tennessee. He and my sister started throwing around the names of groups they like and concerts they have been to, I did not recognize any (or at least very few) of the names they were throwing around. What happened to Jimmi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin?

Here are some of the bands they discussed. It is not strange that my nephew should know these groups, after all he is young, but my sister is getting up there a bit (not nearly as up-there as me, but still) and she surprised me.

Shinedown                        Anberlin

30 Seconds to Mars          Godsmack

10 Years                           Chevelle

State of Shock                  12 Stone

Avenged Sevenfold           Five Finger Death Punch

Linken Park                      Paramore

Disturbed                          Holywood Undead

Three Days Grace

Then I looked on-line and I found all these: Lustra, Nevershoutnever, The Cab, The Academy Is, Boys Like Girls, Broken Cycle, Cobra Starship, Coldplay, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Fray, Fallout Boy, Good Charolette, Life house, Medina Lake, The Medic droid, Metro station, My Chemical Romance, Millionaires, Nickelback, O.A.R. No Doubt, Saving Able, Switchfoot, V factory & 3OH!3, AC/DC, The Black-Eyed Peas, Panic! At the Disco

I’m sure they also mentioned some of these and I have actually heard of some of this last group, but my sister couldn’t recall the whole list in the short amount of time I gave her. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out (I’m sure I did, so sorry).

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