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Droit du Seigneur or Racism?

It is a sun-drenched golden autumn day and I want to enjoy it and I will but my mind is still full of this Herman Cain thing, which is not surprising because this unfolding story is all over the media. Herman Cain was not on my radar until he decided to run for President as a GOP candidate and he seemed like an interesting man. He was comfortable in the glare of media attention, he could think on his feet and he smiled a lot and looked sort of grandfatherly, or should I say God-fatherly. As you know I am not a Republican and I did not agree with his stand on the issues and I would never have voted for him in a million years. But when someone appears daily on my TV, my brain automatically makes observations and begins collecting data to help me decide how to feel about this person. Up to the point where woman after woman started accusing him of sexual harassment I was beginning to think he was a nice man I disagreed with politically. He was making good forward progress in the polls. Now that has stalled.
If he really did harass these women then he should be done. One incident might be an accident, but four times (so far) would be a pattern. If what Sharon Bialek described is the form the harassment took then this actually goes beyond harassment and could be categorized as mild physical assault. Powerful men do sometimes get carried away by their egos and think they are more desirable than they are and this could very well be the case with Herman Cain. It is very wrong to bring this kind of behavior into the work place with its overtones of droit du seigneur making it quite medieval. We saw this in Braveheart, which exposed this evil combination of tyranny and subjugation.
If Herman Cain did not harass these women then these accusations are just as upsetting but in a totally different way. Yes politics is sometimes a nasty business and it is not beyond the realm of belief to imagine that these women have been sought out or even paid to deliberately halt the progress of Herman Cain in the Republican Presidential race. I am not so naïve that I believe this could not happen. Mr. Cain seems pretty adamant when he insists that he is not guilty of inappropriate sexual behavior. He has offered to take a lie detector test. If this is not true and is just a political ploy then the act of finding a line-up of blonde woman to testify to disgusting sexual behavior from a black man is even more wrong than usual. This would indicate an element of racism that we should be way beyond.
Either way, we may never be able to totally resolve the issue of who is at fault here. It is a “he said, she said” situation”, there were no witnesses, and even a lie detector test may not do it. It is possible that, fair or not fair, Herman Cain is toast. Meanwhile it continues to play out, an age old scenario.