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The GSA Debauch/Secret Service Indiscretions
I don’t think Obama told GSA employees to go out and throw a big party and Presidents don’t usually do this kind of agency oversight but these activities show a lack of respect, if not for the President, then for the people of the United States. Obviously, at the very least, we are not all on the same page. This kind of satirical “morale boosting” can be found in the same corner of the American psyche which appreciates movies like Hangover. It is a very fun and naughty part of us sometimes but can also be seen as “deeply gross” and sophomoric. It would seem to be obvious that this nonsense does not really belong in the workplace or in the military or anywhere in the professional sphere. And even though boys (and girls) may just want to have fun, sometimes what seems like good entertainment does not necessarily reflect well on America. This same spirit probably brought down the Secret Service in Columbia with the same negative effects on the United States and the President.
The “attack” on Ann Romney
I must admit that Ann Romney appears much more casual and “real” than her husband Mitt. She has been through a lot and people like her. But talk about the media blowing things out of proportion – Yikes! I bet Hillary Rosen is ready to be a stay-at-home mom. She is supposed to be a savvy political communicator and she was not. But an awful lot of “spin” happened here. We know what Hillary Rosen really meant and we are all for women who wish to stay home and raise children. Ms. Rosen, did not, I believe, intend to criticize any stay-at-home moms and that is not what she really wanted to say about Ann Romney. But what is really clear here is that this incident does not even out the attacks the Republicans have made on women – not even close.
The Buffett Rule Bites the Dust
Too bad, because, although it wouldn’t have done much for the budget, it would have cracked open the issues of tax increases. The “up” side of this was that the idea for the “rule” did not come from the administration, but from the billionaires. Possibly an overhaul of the tax code, including deductions, subsidies and loopholes would be a better approach, but is way out of the realm of likely bipartisan endeavors at the present time.
News sources seem to believe that the case against George Zimmerman will be dismissed once a judge has actually accepted the case. I cannot even imagine that this would be considered acceptable to Trayvon’s parents and supporters. We’re waiting to see what happens. George Zimmerman seems remorseful and I’m not convinced that he is a criminal, but I’m pretty sure he, however accidentally, committed a criminal act. Zimmerman has a bond hearing tomorrow.
Ted Nugent, I Used to Like You
What a loose cannon Ted Nugent is. His remarks about Obama seemed to come out of nowhere like a brain fart, which accidentally showed what a nutburger Nugent really is (although he has always been against Obama, this time he may have gone too far). Really, he will either kill himself or get arrested if Obama is elected? The President and Hillary Clinton are criminals? At least if you dribble drivel you could back it up with some of the reasons for your statements. Since the Republicans have Obama so far up the creek that he can’t move, how much can even be laid at Obama’s feet? And you may argue that this shows how powerful the Republicans are, but I think it just shows how far they will go to sabotage Obama, even if their activities harm America.
Flight Crew – What’s Up?
Is someone feeding our flight crews psychotropic drugs? We had two incidents of craziness in March and now we have a new one in April. A copilot over Switzerland woke after a too long nap and mistook Venus for an enemy plane. He put the plane into a steep nose dive which caused havoc in the passenger cabin until the pilot made the correction. This is just getting weird.
Miscellaneous Snippets
I could go on; there was a lot of little-big news this week: one hundred thirty-three tornadoes in one day with five people dead.
 Dick Clark succumbs to a massive heart attack as we remember our youthful years spent watching TV to see the latest dance moves and our latest musical stars perform our favorite hits on American Bandstand.
The LA Times publishes photos taken two years ago in which American soldiers posed with trophy body parts of enemy soldiers killed while planting an IED (I’m sure there have never been more cameras in wars than there have been in Iraq and Afghanistan now that we have cell and digital camera that can download almost immediately to computers. It is only surprising that it took two years for the pictures to come to light.) Wars are not exactly civilized pursuits. Although this kind of thing is quite bestial and primitive, I am guessing things like this have also happened in previous wars just without the internet.
Keep an eye on what happens with the Keystone Pipeline over the next couple of days. They have changed the route of the pipeline somewhat, although I have not seen the map in enough detail, but they are trying to pass a bill that keeps Obama out of the loop. It has already passed the House. I assume the Senate will put the kibosh on it. How can the Democrats pass a bill that is so insulting to the President. The GOP seems to have rigged the bill to fail so they can heap more criticism on Obama. We shall see.