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Toad Vomit


All these Republican guys have been sitting out in the piney woods, or on their estates, or wherever they hang and they have been thinking these poisonous thoughts that are now constantly spewing forth. Maybe we are in the phase where they are puking up all their snakes, or toads, or slugs, or whatever nasty thing has been lurking in the corners of their minds and once all this vomit is out on the table for all to see we can dispose of it, wash it away and these angry old guys will feel renewed.

There was a ballet movie, of all things, called The Turning Point, in which a mom accompanies her teen-aged daughter to New York City because she has won a spot in a ballet company. One of the daughter’s teachers and mentors will be an old friend that her mom went to ballet school with. These two women took separate paths. One became the ballerina; one the mom. But there was a moment when these women could have switched places. The one who became the mom was good enough to have been a ballerina, and the one who had a famous career always believed that her friend stole her future husband and that it would have been her fate to be the mom. Each woman, in her heart of hearts harbored ill-will towards her friend and when they finally were reunited, with a new prize in the middle of them (the daughter) their animosity started to spill out. They called the cruel things they said to each toads.


Then there is that moment in Harry Potter when a spell goes awry and Ron starts up-chucking one slug after another.

These are the images that come to mind when I listen to these Republican men talk about the ridiculous things they have come to believe about rape and women and then they just go on letting it all out, all over the media. These are men of privilege with expensive college educations. They are in charge of government committees and they express ideas that make us smack ourselves in the side our heads. I hope they didn’t get these ideas in church.

Whatever, I say let them unload all these toads they have stored up, apparently for years, and perhaps when we have listened to it ad nauseum they will finally put it aside. Then, and I say this with great hope in my heart, sanity will return to Washington, DC (well at least as much sanity as we used to find there).