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No Viable Republicans for 2016


If you listen to news readers, news commentators, news people, and pundits (who have a loose connection with actual news) you would think that there are viable Republican candidates for the Presidential election in 2016. However, if you are watching the things these supposedly viable GOP candidates do and if you are listening to the things they say when they discuss their agenda for the future of some-country-that-will-not-even-resemble the America we know and love, you will realize that the Republicans have zip, zero, no viable candidates for the 2016 election.

There is not one Republican that I would want to sit in the White House as my President; not Rand Paul, not Ted Cruz, not Chris Christie, not Paul Ryan, not Eric Cantor, not Marco Rubio, not anyone. There is not one Republican that I would trust anywhere near our educational institutions, our health care, our social security, our services for poor and disabled people, even our foreign policy. I do not want a central government that only worries about defense. I do not want a central government that will not hire Americans to work in public service jobs (because there will not be any public service jobs). I do not want a central government that wants to vacate promises to our public servants, i.e. public pensions. I do not want a central government that wants to privatize everything. I do not want perpetual austerity. I do not want a government that favors the top 1%. Every one of these potential Republican candidates has vowed to carry out such policies if they are elected to our highest office.

I don’t want a sour, mean President who never has anything positive to say, who spouts negativity as if possessed of a permanent case of dyspepsia. These are people who threaten to shut down the government, our government, every time they can’t get their way. These “Neocons” or Tea Partiers, or whatever we want to label them, always look so disapproving. If you elect us, they seem to say we will take Americans to the woodshed, we will get out that willow whip; Americans will be punished for their greed and laziness, their lack of ambition and their lack of talent and intelligence. These members of the unrecognizably transformed Republican Party have castigated us all and called us grasping and selfish, when we just thought we were a democracy where we designed our government to serve the needs of we the people and take care of the business of we the people. These guys (and the women seem just as strident) have usurped our government; they have shut us out and they have declared that the American government belongs to the wealthy and to them.

I might think about voting for that dedicated and compassionate Governor in Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, who was so eloquent after tornadoes destroyed a huge swath of the town of Moore, Oklahoma. However, no matter how pragmatic and involved she seemed as a governor, as soon as the Republican Party got hold of her and made her toe the GOP line, she would be just another puppet of whoever is leading today’s Republicans around by the nose (the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, their base).

I don’t want a one-party system in America. I don’t think having only one party will be a good thing, but, essentially, that is what we are being presented with right now that the Republican Party has moved to crazy town. I wish I could admire these Republican “hot shots”, but the only feelings they inspire in me are fear and anger.

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