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GOP is Obsessed with Planned Parenthood

People are calling the attempts of the GOP to completely defund Planned Parenthood a witch hunt and, sadly, there appears to be some truth to the claim.

The GOP has had this on their agenda for years and right now they feel empowered to finally accomplish their goal. But we have to ask ourselves why? Why are these politicians (our representatives) so psyched to do this right now? Unless the Republican base consists of only Evangelicals and some Catholics, I find it difficult to understand why attacking a family planning organization that has given usually poor women around the globe assistance with their reproductive health and their family planning is so high on everyone’s agenda. Is this really where America wants to put its energy? Aren’t there a few (many) pressing matters to consider that do not have religious overtones?

The videos, engineered by pro-life (anti-abortion) groups that offer exposés of what macabre and illegal things Planned Parenthood has supposedly done with fetal organs and tissues, may disgust some, but I have to ask them, what did you think was happening to aborted organic materials (fetuses)? Doesn’t it suit the “circle of life” better if fetal tissue, rather than being discarded, perhaps incinerated, is used to save lives now and in the future? You don’t have to be a cold-hearted monster to believe this, although perhaps you have to temper your religion with more than a dash of scientific objectivity.

It is not up to Evangelicals, or even Catholics, to decide whether we are depraved or just modern. After all, they believe that God will punish us if we are just rationalizing behavior that is actually evil. The reason they can’t just let God take care of us sinners, is because they think that God expects them to root out evil in the world or they will lose their place in heaven. I get very nervous when zealous people set out to rid the world of an evil that not everyone perceives as such.

Watching what the GOP controlled Congress does when we know that President Obama will probably veto any defunding bill gives us a very clear picture of what will happen if Conservatives win control of all three branches of government. This is what will most likely happen if we don’t elect Democrats in 2016. You know what to do. Or at least you should know that this Republican triple whammy could destroy our choices and perhaps even our democracy.

By Nancy Brisson