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Mitt Romney and Pretty Woman

Mitt Romney, in ad after ad, speech after speech, promises us that if we elect him as our President he will “fix” our economy and set it moving again. He implies that his business sense is so good that he will know exactly what to do to bring back good jobs and middle-class affluence. He was a successful businessman and he did make millions of dollars, although he seems to have enriched himself in the same way that Edward did in Pretty Woman. He didn’t make anything or create any thing; he bought and sold companies, took them apart, sometimes shipped them overseas and was often responsible for firing people. Now we are told that, also like Edward, he wants to come back from the dark side (I know, mixed movie references) and help build the American economy once again. But he is a Republican, and he will be locked in to the current GOP mantra that small government (translate as end “entitlements”), a huge military, and tax cuts for everyone including the wealthiest Americans will do the trick. This is the course he will have to pursue; this is the bargain he has made to be President.
So if you believe that austerity is the path to prosperity you will believe Romney’s promises. If you believe that putting money in the pockets of wealthy people will encourage them to invest in small businesses and start-ups, then you will want Mitt Romney to be our next President, because he will rubber stamp the GOP party line. He is also in the good old boys club (he’s white) (he’s rich) (he knows lots of corporate movers and shakers) so no one will threaten to put a stop to his agenda from Day One; instead Congress will be chock full of Republicans passing bill after bill in support of the agenda they have been insisting on for the past three years. If we let these people win after all they have done to stonewall, all they have done to keep us from seeing if a less austere approach that offered a combination of cuts and injections of economic stimulation would have worked, then we deserve to follow Europe into financial disarray.
Maybe Mitt Romney will be able to get things done, after all the Republicans will not stonewall him, he is their beast. Whether or not the things he gets done will be good for America remains to be seen, but since he can only back those who “have” and not those who “have-not” life may get pretty grim for some of us (the middle class) while he conducts the “Great Republican Economic Experiment.” In a sense he will be putting us on the roof of his car along with his dog, he will assume that we like it up there, and we will fend for ourselves as best we can. And the regrettable stubbornness of the GOP will look more and more like racism and classism (and sexism).