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My Spirea – One Year Later

Last spring I took some pictures of my baby Renaissance Spirea plants. This year I took a picture or two of the same spirea bushes after one year of growth. Spireas grow fast. Sadly our weather was too warm in the early spring and then, just after the buds formed for the flowers, several nights of hard frost hit and so the spirea never exploded into bloom, never got to imitate fireworks. Luckily the plants did not die, however, and have managed to stay alive and grow in a very hot summer with very little rain.

I added two more spirea plants at a 90 degree angle to the first three.

When someone I know rented a rototiller they tilled a few garden spaces in my yard for me. One garden, a flower garden, I have tucked in behind the spirea bushes.


I have a tiny vegetable garden with three tomato plants and 3 squash plants which the bunny and the woodchuck have been sharing in spite of the chicken wire fence I built around it. Its current state is embarrassing so I decided I would not photograph it. Another space has been dedicated to those seeds (in this case wildflower seeds) that come in a sack and that you broadcast at random. They are growing, but have not produced anything worthy of photographing either. This is a nice big garden space and will be my project for next summer.
Still, I wish I could have had a picture of my original three spirea plants in full flower. They will, I hope, someday look something like this.