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Duck Dynasty

There was a big snow storm last night. Maybe it missed you but my town took a small hit and we all sat tight in our homes while about 8 inches of snow softly piled up around our houses. For some reason, except for Blue Bloods and Monk reruns, Friday night TV is a giant wasteland. At least it was until I read about the newest hot show from a niece on Facebook. This young mom was excited about the new season of Duck Dynasty which is coming up soon. Now I have never watched Duck Dynasty. I remember making some snide remark about the ads for the show and swearing I would never watch that. However, boredom drives us to exploration and so last night I visited with the Robertson clan, owners of the very successful business, Duck Commander, a small family business that makes duck calls.

The Robertsons live in the Louisiana Bayou and they are unapologetically and proudly fond of their down home “pioneer” lifestyle. This lifestyle is way outside of what I experience in my little world and if I ran into these guys on a country road I might be afraid of them. However there is no need for that. These guys are sweet and sincere and silly and, because they are a family, they get to enjoy the security and confidence that comes from being a member of a pack. On the Duck Dynasty A&E official homepage it says “the Robertsons have been busy being America’s favorite big- bearded, camo-clad family.

I enjoyed the Robertsons more than I ever thought I would. They are good ole boys and they have lovely wives and nice children. The episodes we see usually do not focus on the work that goes on at the Duck Commander warehouse, but on the moments that occur when the guys break free of the daily grind, which they do frequently. I watched Willie give Sophie driving lessons and I must admit, she was not doing well, but having 4 or 5 camo-clad, bearded men, large as Vikings standing around commenting on your driving skills could be tough on your nerves even if you obviously are not at all intimidated by any of these giant men. I watched the guys “fight” a juvenile alligator who came to investigate what Kay was cooking out in the yard over an open fire.

There was one whole episode with an RV towing off-road vehicles that centered on offensive body odors. In one episode grandpa put together the girls large plastic play house but he reconfigured it to be a duck blind and used a chainsaw to cut a viewing window in the side. All the girls got dressed in camo and practiced shooting at duck targets with real guns. The one that I probably enjoyed the most was about the extremely hot day that the air conditioner in the warehouse failed. One of the wives called to say that she was taking the children to the water park to cool off but the Robertson men said, “not so fast, we’re pioneer men, we don’t go to water parks. Meet us at the water hole, we’ll make a water park”, and they did. Willie, after unsuccessfully trying to get the guys back to work in the hot warehouse, ended up in the water hole with everyone else. This episode ends with the whole Robertson family enjoying an al fresco picnic at a very long table with a few exhibiting very bad manners.

I enjoyed the show more than I ever thought I would. These guys reminded me of my brothers when they were younger and their male sense of humor embarrassed and entertained all of the family. That testosterone-powered energy is something that I occasionally miss now that we are all grown up. These guys, since they work and play together in their own family world, don’t really have to act grown up all of the time.

So you might want to fill the big empty of Friday night TV with Willie, Phil, Jase, Kay, Korie and all the rest of the Robertsons. A&E tells us some of what’s to come in the third season:  Willie tries to lose weight for his high school reunion, Jase and Willie take Missy and Korie deer hunting, the guys rough it in the woods for opening day of duck season, Si looks for a canine companion.

There is no politics or any really serious philosophy in this “reality show”, just a nice family trying to make a living, raise their children and have a little fun. If the lifestyle is very foreign to the life I live right now I certainly recognize it as a very American one. If you need to hear some deep voices and crave a little fart humor now and then, go visit the Duck Dynasty.