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Off the Energy Grid

When I went to the Road Runner home page there was an ad on my page that accused President Obama of supporting policies that are causing our utility bills to rise. It was one of those mean-spirited conservative tirades that could not just state that heat and electric bills are rising, but which had to place the blame for this on some kind of government conspiracy. The video suggests that the rise in costs for energy has something to do with environmental protection but he never mentions climate change and the need to control CO2 emissions. He calls himself a patriot and he lets us know in no uncertain terms that he feels that our government, especially our government as led by Democrats and Obama is deliberately making not only mainstream power sources more and more expensive but they are making sure we don’t have access to solar power and wind power by making the costs of buying this technology prohibitive.

Now, if you put aside all the hate rhetoric and conspiracy theory that, for me, clouds the message that Frank Bates has to deliver and you just listen to the practical information he has to give us, when he finally gets around to it, then the whole video may have some value. He says he will tell you how to find the components for and how to build inexpensive solar panels and wind power equipment and to eventually get completely “off the grid”. He says his video has been banned by Google, but I doubt that very much. If it was it was because he insists on this “minuteman” crap which always gives me a stomach ache. Learning to build our own solar panels and wind power equipment sounds like something our government would back because it would help us meet our goals to lessen our carbon footprint.
So you might want to watch this video to see if you really learn how to make a solar panel, etc. You will just have to tune out all the “Glenn Beck” garbage. I got sick of it after a while and so, since I don’t really plan to build my own solar panel anytime soon, I cut the video short before I got to the actual instructions which you probably have to buy a book to get. If you have a stronger stomach than me, or you happen to be a “patriot” (as opposed to whatever the rest of us Americans are), then you can probably go all the way through and find out the steps you need to take to go “off the grid”.
I forgot to save the link for the video I watched. Frank Bates does have a web site but I did not find that particular video on his web site. However, the web site does have the plans for building your own solar panels, etc. Just type the name Frank Bates in the search window to find the site.

I found the link the the video called Power4Patriots: