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Agenda 21 and Microapartments

I am thinking that I might have to give Agenda 21 a bit more of my attention. Agenda 21 is the result of a United Nations conference held in 1992. The actual Agenda 21 document is available on the internet as a PDF. It is about 350 pages long but if you read over the 40 chapter headings you will get the drift. I have written about Agenda 21 before, notably during “paranoia week”. Conspiracy theorists call Agenda 21 a “plot for global domination and forced environmentalism.” The word “sustainability” as in a sustainable life on this planet is the “code” word in Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21st century).  Conspiracy theorists are also called Agenders. They say that if you start hearing suggestions like roof top urban gardens and bike paths, capturing and reusing rainwater, and ideas for improving sustainability (of water, air, soil, trees, etc) then you are being steered by UN agenda 21.
Another facet of Agenda 21 is a recommendation that governments move in the direction of high density housing in urban areas. This week we learned that San Francisco is building micro-apartments which require tenants to live in about 230 square feet. Looking around the internet it seems that Mayor Bloomberg in NYC asked architects to design apartments in the Kip’s Bay area with floor plans between 200 and 300 square feet. These mini apartments are already being built and in fact people are already living in these tiny spaces. After all, there are 7 billion people on the planet. We should be in favor of plans that will sustain the earth’s resources.
So when my local community says that they do not intend to extend infrastructure into new areas for developers, when they limit development to infilling areas that already have infrastructure like water and sewers and roads sufficient to handle increased traffic and so on, this is something we should be in favor of. If would seem to be more realistic in terms of our current economic restraints. However, it becomes unpalatable if it is part of some overall plan to which our local, state, and federal governments have agreed without our knowledge.  The idea that someone may be pulling strings from behind the scenes and manipulating us to conform to an agenda that has been kept on the “down low” rubs our American souls the wrong way. We like to have problems explained to us in clear terms, we like to have input into the solutions that are decided upon, and then we like to have a role in the implementation of any plans for the future. What bothers us most about this “sustainability movement” is that someone may be moving us around like pawns on a giant chess board. This we would find very unacceptable, if it turns out to be true.
Here’s where we point a finger at each of our eyes, adopt a threatening stare, and then point those same two fingers at your eyes. We’re watching you!