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The Middle Class Cannot Save America

The “elite” complain that America has lost its mojo. They bemoan signs of decay and loss of prosperity. They raise a hue and cry about losing our primacy among nations and they ask, “What happened to American exceptionalism?”

Well I don’t know if we were ever quite as exceptional as these folks like to think we were but we have had shinier moments. We complained about being in the rat race but we all loved when America bustled with industry and good paying jobs.

What happened to our prosperity? The very “elites” who decry America’s slippage are responsible for it. They are the ones who relocated the factories. They have cornered America’s wealth and now they are hoarding it. “It’s ours”, they cry. We earned it by something, something (fill in the blank; our hard work, the sweat of our brow, the superiority of our intelligence, because we were born to have it).

These folks would never in a million years admit that they rigged the system; they constantly passed laws to favor the wealthy, or big business, or big finance (or all of the above). They lobbied to make sure the laws favored heads of business, heads of state, and heads of finance and that is how the money got concentrated at the top. This was not much of a problem when these powerful folks actually did their business in America. Some of all that profit did rain back down on us.

However the wealthy are not inclined to shower resources on people they no longer employ. And although they wax nostalgic about how great America once was, they are not willing to chip in with any of their ill-gotten gains to bring America back up to snuff. I guess we are partly to blame because we let them keep passing these laws which put more and more money in their bank accounts. And those bank accounts are not even in American banks these day.

At this moment in time the middle class has all it can do to stay afloat. The 10%, the 1%, the .1% – whoever you are with all America’s money, if you want your shiny America back you’ll have to loosen your grip on money that you used your power to “steal” or redirect from the rest of us.

You did your job too well – the job of writing laws to favor movers and shakers. Now put some of that money back into America and stop whining about the relatively small amounts of money required to keep the poor a bit above total misery. Pay some taxes commensurate with your resources and take your name off that disastrous no-tax pledge. Kiss Grover good-bye and send him on his way. I guarantee that you will still be very rich.

If the global economy tanks and the dollar loses its value how long will Norway be a safe haven, or Singapore? At least in the selfish interest of keeping the dollar healthy you really ought to make some changes to your strategy. Spend money to make money.


This is the view from the cheap seats.

By Nancy Brisson