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Hold Your Nose

After all the bad mortgages, after all the foreclosures, financial institutions are acting like consumers are criminals who caused these financial problems. They are punishing us by making us jump through hoops to get loans. Suddenly they are meticulously analyzing our bonafides. They are raising interest rates. Get a grip! We may have spent too much but we were encouraged to do so to keep the economy propped up. We made the mess together but when it started to stink you walked away and left us standing guiltily by the steaming pile. Then you held your nose and looked down at us. You got a bailout, but we didn’t. You owe us.

Now we have beautiful empty homes sitting all over America that no one can afford. Why aren’t prices coming down? I realize the people who already own houses don’t want this, but if they sat tight prices would go back up. Why isn’t there money for small business? I don’t think this is the time for our lenders to sit on their principles. Obey the rules of banking, but find a way to have a little heart without breaking the bank. We rescued you, now you should rescue us (which would in turn rescue you all over again.)

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