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Carousel Mall

The addition to Carousel Mall, “the big empty” as it has been called, is such a terrible waste of resources, of potential business, of hopes. It is so revealing of the financial situation in America, but especially in Syracuse. We suspect that Mr.. Congel is a sort of charlatan and megalomaniac, but he is our charlatan, our megalomaniac. He’s getting old. He needs his dream fulfilled. We need his dream fulfilled.

What started a a “green” project has been stripped of any possible “green” advantage it might have had. It now represents wasted money, wasted time, wasted materials, and wasted potential. Take down those “Emerald City” signs, which none of us like to begin with. The Emerald City in Oz did not exactly represent truth in advertising or any other very admirable traits. We haven’t earned it as environmentalist either, maybe SU, but not the city. It’s an embarrassment.

We elect and pay so many people to be our brains and to care for our city and county, to. Can’t all these great minds get together and fill up at least this one empty building with the businesses it was intended to hold. Then maybe we can move on to the next empty building. If this is all about politics, our politics stink.