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Oil Spill 3

There are so many things that I can watch but cannot change. I am experiencing such grief over this oil spill. I watch the oil moving towards the gorgeous marsh lands and the barrier islands and I want to be omnipotent. I want arms that will reach out and hold the oil away, I want a giant vacuum cleaner that will suck the oil off the water. I was so hopeful that at least one of the bizarre ideas suggested by BP Petroleum would work and this disaster would not happen, just because it’s too awful to believe that it will happen. It’s pretty clear now that there will not be a miracle solution. We can see for sure that there are people who are willing to put our planet at risk without any knowledge of how they will mitigate possible damage.

I suppose everyone can argue that we need the oil and that it was all done, not for greed, but out of patriotism, to end our dependence on foreign oil. After all I am guilty too, the queen of central heating. I have not offered to give up my personal comfort. However, apparently we are playing with technologies we are not in control of. Will a nuclear accident be next? How many birds will die? How long will it take for the beaches and marshes to be free of oil. How long will it take before the oil enters the gulf stream and travels out into the Atlantic and even over to Europe. How long before the sea recovers and the fish and the shell fish? Will it ever recover? I thought the planet would be ruined at some distant time in the future. We have all been watching the destruction in slo-mo, but it wasn’t like this. All day whatever I do in the back of my mind I am following the progress of the oil, wishing this would be the moment the oil stopped flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, and each day when the day is through the potential for carnage is worse.