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A Town Beleaguered

Yesterday the workers at the Birds Eye factory in Fulton, NY got the news that the factory would be closed by the end of August, 2011. The company was recently purchased by Pinnacle Industries and they have decided to move the business after 109 years in Fulton. They don’t plan to move the business to China or even overseas. They say they will move to Wisconsin and Minnesota to be nearer to the farms which are their suppliers.

This is the third large employer to leave the area. First the Miller brewery closed. It reopened as an Ethanol factory, but does not hire nearly as many workers. Second the Nestle factory closed. Nothing has taken its place. A huge number of workers were turned out into an impossible job market. Now, with the closing of The Birds Eye factory 300 more workers will need new jobs.

I feel so sorry for these workers. I thought we were through with the reshuffling of jobs, but I suppose it is the new reality. Someone was interested in the Nestle plant but traffic concerns created obstacles. The only possible bright light in this situation is that with the Birds Eye commuters gone the traffic concern may go away and Fulton will get a new factory.

It is so unsettling to live in these changing times when things like job security, company loyalty, and even job opportunities are no longer available and we can be tossed from job to job, or from job to unemployment like flotsam through no fault of our own.