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Abortion Issues

If we ever really try to hash out our abortion issues it could end up splitting America in two. Right-to-life Americans are totally inflexible in defending the unborn over those already born. They will never see this as an issue of American liberty. By making it, as they say, a moral issue rather than a religious issue they hope to avoid the separation of church and state. If you define the moment of conception as the beginning of life, as they say, then abortion is murder. Murder is a crime in, I’m guessing, every culture. It is almost impossible to argue with this logically. The only way to argue is to reset the point at which life begins (say after a fetus is viable) or to sidestep the issue of when life begins (an argument which can’t be won) and argue for freedom of choice in a land that respects freedom, respects choice, respects women, and respects religious freedom. Leave the choice up to women, who have always been most affected by the random nature of conception and by child-rearing, respect the laws of our democracy, and keep your nose out of other people’s business. Freedom always carries with it the existential dilemma of being responsible for your own choices.

By subverting the intent of the new health care reform, by tinkering with the details to guarantee that no federal money will go to abortion you are undermining America and asserting a tyranny of belief over the fate of women. This patriarchal wrath is archaic and inappropriate. It is a sad fact that America can not have a dialogue about abortion, probably ever. It is a polarizing issue, which could divide America from the inside if we let it. We almost have to ignore the tactics of the right-to-life group because they have become sort of strident and scary. Will we drift back into the dark ages of women’s rights. This issue is key to the freedom of women. Who decides? That is the crux of the issue. Does the church decide? Does the government decide? Does a special interest group decide? Does the woman decide?