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Snippets 7

On June 4, 2012, Bill Clinton and Obama appeared together at a fund raiser and Clinton made it clear that he backs Obama for President and feels that Romney and the Republicans would be bad for America. Of course two days later he also said that the Bush tax cuts should be continued for at least one year, but I do not think he feels that this contradicts his message of June 4. He backs Obama still, but he is not running for any office and is free to speak his mind about policy. Still it is a bit like a kiss on one cheek and a little slap on the other, maybe. Perhaps Obama also would like to extend the Bush era tax cuts for another year. I will watch for fallout. This link will take you to the video.” />” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” bgcolor=”#000000″ allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” width=”416″ wmode=”transparent” height=”374″>

Last night I watched Venus transit (in its orbit) across the face of the sun. It was advertised as a “beauty mark” on the sun and that is a perfect analogy. Of course the transit took seven hours and it was a bit like watching paint dry and I will confess that I did not watch all seven hours, but I did check back in from time to time. It is simply amazing to see something that will not happen again until 2117 when I will be long gone. I wish I could have located the piece of welder’s glass that is somewhere in my¬†attic, a leftover from my teaching days, but that was an exercise in futility. However, the NASA feed from Hawaii was delivered in real time and gave me a digital window on this interesting astrological event.

The US Senate voted down a bill to give equal pay to women for equal work. Women are paid about $.77 per $1 paid to men. Not one Republican voted for the bill, which they said would cost employers too much. The cost to employers would not come from wage adjustment. The bill opened the door to individual and class action law suits in order to give the law some teeth. However, this is the part of the bill that could be most costly to employers and others. Democrats say that they will rewrite and try again.

Scott Walker, that governor in Wisconsin who took away the right of public employees to collective bargaining, won the recall vote against him last night. Republicans are the kind of winners who rub it in and I’m sure we will hear alot about what this means for November (I tremble). However, The Daily Beast reports that an exit poll by CBS showed 6 out 10 of those questioned said recalls should be reserved for official misconduct. It is also true that Republicans outspent Dems by 10 to 1. Exit polls also showed the advantage in the Presidential election still goes to Obama in Wisconsin. Still this is a real setback for unions.

I want to extend condolences to Nigeria for the airliner crash that killed 150+ in Lagos several days ago.