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IRS, No IRS, the ACA and the flat tax – Sexy

While watching Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday evening, June 5, 2013, my ears were sort of quiescent as they were being assaulted with more of the usual Republican bile about the 157 times that Mr. Shulman of the IRS visited the White House during the past four years, and the sad tales of small-time Tea Party 501(C)(4) filers who got audited, and Bill O’Reilly opining that all this definitely gives powerful credence to Obama’s involvement in profiling and targeting right wing political groups. The problem is that the clues are not adding up the way the GOP would like. It turns out that Mr. Shulman of the IRS was cleared to attend meetings at the White House 157 times, but he only appeared at the White House 11 times over the past four years. Apparently people have to sign in when they actually enter the White House and its precincts. As to the tears of Tea Partiers we can all relate. Not one of us would enjoy being audited by the IRS, especially with the intensity of perusal these folks were subjected to. But most of us would not file a 501 (C)(4) either. Because of the nature of this tax form and tax classification and because of the huge number of these organizations that have filed since Obama took office, it makes perfect sense that the IRS would do an in-depth investigation of these groups. So, although this may look like something a person trying to win an election might do, no connection to the President has been found so far. As for Bill O’Reilly’s opinion and the footage he aired of Senator Issa convicting Obama because of what his gut tells him, neither of these things represents any empirical data nor even a concrete lead.

However, all of a sudden my ears perked up because I heard something new, something I hadn’t thought of. I heard a Senator say that given the chaos within the IRS it would be impossible for the IRS to perform the new duties connected to the Affordable Care Act. This brought me to a real ah-ha moment because I know how hard the Republicans have worked to get rid of Obama’s Health Care plan. I am astounded that I didn’t see this coming. If the GOP cannot connect the dots between the IRS and the oval office, they can still win by driving a huge IRS wedge in front of the ACA, hopefully postponing the ability of the IRS to add the people it needs to add in order to deal with the additional load that Health Care documentation will require. And so, for logistical reasons, the administration might have to postpone implementation of the Affordable Care Act and, if the GOP can stop this plan which they call Obama Care, then the Party will not need to vote for repeal for the 38thtime, and they will have succeeded in derailing Obama’s biggest accomplishment. They just keep pulling these rotten apples out of their pockets and displaying them as if they were fresh fruit. I’m still a bit astounded by this tactic which I did not see coming. If only all this Machiavellian strategy was at work to create jobs and invent clean energy solutions and better schools, then America would be winning instead of watching a bunch of old men turn Washington into a mud wrestling pit. Elect Democrats in 2014. It is our only hope.

Following fast on the heels of Tuesday night’s exercise in creative governance we see a movement to do away with the IRS completely! Yikes! First of all think about the soaring unemployment. A lot of people work for the IRS or in IRS related businesses. Second of all, we would still pay taxes, even in a same-flat-tax-for-all scenario. Who would we pay our taxes to? Who would make sure we paid our taxes correctly? Who would go after people who did not pay their taxes? If there were no IRS, taxes might seem optional. Despite these rather hefty disadvantages, this plan would have one great advantage, at least if you are a Republican, it would finally, once and for all, end Obama Care, aka the Affordable Care Act. Getting the drop on Obama obviously trumps continued employment for Americans. If we are going to have smaller government all these people need to find jobs elsewhere anyway, so let’s just dump them all into the job market at once and see if they sink or swim. It will be a real test if we also take away all the “taker” programs and see if these ex-IRS people can become “makers”. If you dread this extreme social experiment, then elect Democrats in 2014. It is our only hope.