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Reconvene State Militias?

Perhaps in America we  need to reconvene our state militias. The National Guard was once formulated for domestic defense, but now the National Guard is often called up to fight abroad. It might make us feel a lot more secure if we were trained to defend ourselves. We already have private militias but they do nothing to comfort us as many of them are hostile to our government and apparently wish to overthrow it. Maybe if they could channel their efforts into defending America some of their anger would dissipate. Perhaps their anger is based on their fear that America is at risk to outside forces.
There would have to be an agreement that militia members would never be used in foreign wars. They would only be trained for domestic defense. They could opt to join the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard, but if they stayed in the militia they would stay in America.
Perhaps if we learned to use weapons in disciplined ways we would not have so much gratuitous violence. Patriotism might get a boost. I am no expert on war. I have only held a gun twice in my life and that was just for target shooting. I have only fired a gun once. I do not own a gun. If we were attacked would I join a resistance movement? Would I have any skills a resistance movement could use? The militia training could be something short and intense for some and more involved and intensive for those who showed talent that might be useful if we were attacked. First responder training could be included. Training in support services like food and water provision, first aid procedures, and organizing communities to help helpless citizens could also be useful. In Israel everyone is trained to fight. A militia organization would have to be carefully designed with expert help. Financing such an operation in times like these could also be quite difficult.
Reconvening militias is just a thought but one that could empower us.