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Why do our TV’s and accessories always outlive their remotes? We live in a society of smart phones and touch screens. Can’t someone design a remote that will continue to work effectively after the original batteries are replaced? Apparently not! Here is something someone could tinker with in their garage. If they were successful in devising a remote that lived as long as a television they could join the 1% and buy a yacht. They could become an entrepreneur and employ lots of Americans (well maybe they couldn’t actually afford to hire Americans).
It doesn’t hurt us to get up and turn our media on and off, but it is so much nicer when the remote works as it should. The dials on our TV’s and accessories are no longer designed to be accessed by hand. They are no longer dials for one thing. They are arrows. You can’t just dial in the channel you want; you have to scan through until your channel pops up. These dials are often not on the front of your unit, they are probably situated in a vertical line on one side. Try to read them. The on/off switch is pretty easy. From there it goes awry. Which arrows are for channels? Which for volume? Are your eyes older than the 40-year-old sell by date? Then you probably cannot even see the arrows, let alone the arrow labels.
It is a minor frustration but it is annoying a number of times during any given day. So here’s an area just waiting for innovation, a trademark, and a manufacturing operation. Maybe we need a round remote so we don’t have to keep squeezing it to get it to work and so the buttons in the middle don’t go wonky before the ones around the edges. How about a touch screen remote.  I will leave it to one of our electronic wizards to solve.
Here is a picture of my many remotes. I like to see TV in almost every room in my house. Not all of my TV’s are new. At least one of these remotes belongs to a prominent cable company and it doesn’t work either.
Here are the remotes that don’t function probably:
These remote do work but only because I rarely use them or they are new.

I’m sure everyone has an array of devices similar to mine. Opportunity awaits.