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OMG – The Election is Here

OMG, the election is here. Today, Tuesday, November 6, 2012, we will decide who will be our new President. We will learn the composition of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. The pundits of “politics day” on Sunday TV suggest that the House will retain its Republican majority and that the Senate will retain its Democratic majority (although by a slimmer margin). The Presidency is still in a nerve-wracking virtual tie. Will Florida mess up and send us all into a tizzy of déjà vu and conflict? I certainly hope not. What will happen in Iowa? What will Ohio do? The importance of the answers to these questions has been drummed into us day after day?
If the Republicans win I know that you can probably guess how upset I will be. I thought of retracing my ancestors’ steps and high-tailing it back to Canada. But alas, I am an America. I fear that I would always feel like an outsider, an expat if I left. I also have some curiosity that makes me want to observe what will happen as those Republican bombs drop on all of the people who think they want this stuff; stuff like small government, like returning to the private-insurance-only health plan we had for most working Americans, like cuts in social programs, like taking away choice from women and dealing with the flood of babies born to people who cannot care for them and the flood of older children whose lives will be affected by these additional births; stuff like whether tax cuts will indeed stimulate our economy and improve the job market or whether it will merely make the rich richer. What will our day to day existence be like with these changes?
If Obama wins without any changes in the numbers in Congress I will have to hope that he can hold the line on what he has already accomplished and make some progress on the things he would like to accomplish, especially in the area of modernizing our infrastructure and improving our educational opportunities and outcomes. We will see if Republicans continue their prolonged hissy fit about losing in 2008 and about the way the ACA was passed; we will see whether or not they will continue to be the problem with America or whether they will choose to be part of the solution. Can they let go of their insistence that they alone hold the answers for America, that they are the more genuine Americans, and that any compromise on their part will destroy America for all time? I hope they can. We are all human; it is usually the case that the more complex the issue, the less likely it is that there is one and only one approach that will resolve the issue. Why would we want to take the approach that will hurt most those who have already been injured by the economic tsunami of 2009? Abandoning poor children who have been the very people we have been trying to target through government assistance in order to allow rich people to grow richer is an unconscionable choice. Can Republicans loft a red balloon to hold all their anger and float it away into the stratosphere? Can the Republicans pitch in and help solve our economic dilemmas without stepping on poor children to do it? Yes they can! At least I very much hope so.
Please go out on Tuesday to vote, and I will hold on to my hope that Obama will win until the last vote is counted.