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A Disturbance in the Force

Our attention is called to another crisis on this embattled little planet we call home. The floods in Pakistan are epic, apparently,and once again the aid is slow in coming. It looks like the UN is there, but the Pakistani government has been in disarray. These crises have been so common lately we can barely catch our collective breath. And these events are hitting areas of the world that are relatively undeveloped and inaccessible. We all experience “a great disturbance in the force,” but, after recent experiences with all our expensive aid lolling in warehouses in Haiti, we are leery about jumping in. We are feeling pretty poor ourselves at the moment, but poverty is relative and we certainly have more than the Pakistanis. Where should we send our checks this time?

As if human sorrow was not enough we have the worry that the Taliban is nearby, organized and willing to win political advantage through geographic proximity.