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Playing Chess and Celebrating

OK, I still have my bronchitis and I have been dozing a lot because the meds make me sleepy. So I watched the last three or four days on CNN on a sort of tuned in/tuned out basis that was the perfect mental state for experiencing this painful and maddening episode of Congressional Dysfunction. Talk about officious. Obama had to make another end move around the House of Representatives because all they want to talk about is spending cuts, their euphemism for making huge cuts in social programs. They are still bitter about the Affordable Health Care Act and are still trying to undo it by defunding it. They only faced the single reality left to them when it was the final hour in which to avoid falling off the cliff at least in terms of taxes. They bitterly called the vote that they promised they would take and they seem just as bitter that the measure was able to pass in the House.

I was wrong. Obama was not playing wishbone, he was playing chess. He had a long strategy and it worked. Republicans act like this will be the end of America and they vow that they will foil Obama at each and every financial moment that will come up over the next 3 months. Nice guys or sore losers?

It was delightful to finally turn off my TV in the early hours of January 1st and know that for this one moment we weren’t holding our breath while some reactionary people decide our fiscal fate. This is what we have, one moment in which to celebrate that taxes are taken care of and that we can now turn our attention to cuts and whatever targeted spending is possible. I am unhappy about all the earmarks attached to this bill (why?), but I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate for just a little while before we return to vituperation and uncertainty. I wish I thought that this agreement broke the dam and that from here on out our adventures in decision-making will be less frightening, but I don’t believe that is what has happened. The dam is still there and decisions will trickle forth in the same obstructed way that we have come to expect from this Congress.

Today I don’t care. I’m celebrating. Yay!