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What’s Going On With Our Drugs?

What is going on with our drugs? It is getting a bit scary to buy over-the-counter and even prescription pharmaceuticals. First they pulled St. Joseph’s Aspirin for Children off the shelves. New sources said that people had complained about a musty smell and taste in the pills and that was why they were pulled. I liked these aspirin because they were the perfect 81 mg. our doctors require for heart health and they were chewable. I have been watching; St. Joseph’s Aspirin has not come back on our store shelves. Is it still being produced? I don’t know.
Next all the Pepcid disappeared. I never did hear why that happened but when it came back on the shelves the chewable variety was no longer available.
Tylenol was the next over-the-counter drug to be pulled. Media sources said that the FDA decided that 8 Tylenol a day was too many, that it could affect some organ, probably the liver;  every modern drug seems to present a danger to the liver since the liver is our bodies’ filter. The drug was recalled so that the dosage information on the labels could be changed to reflect the new guidelines of no more than 6 tablets a day. Tylenol still has not appeared on my store shelves. I had to buy a generic, which does seem to be effective.
Next they pulled Excedrin from the shelves because the machines at the manufacturer went crazy and there was a possibility that a powerful prescription painkiller had been mixed in with the over-the-counter Excedrin pills. That’s scary.
Last week some plant mixed up the birth control pills with the inert pills that are taken at a certain point during a menstrual cycle. This would mean that women who thought they were protected against pregnancy were not. Not life threatening, but also scary.
So what’s up with that? Should we be getting nervous? Is this the new normal? Sometimes it’s the small things that make us worry that decay has set in. Are any of these pills produced in America? I guess I need to do some more research.  Still, to those of us out here on this side of the TV, it doesn’t look good.

(I have been doing some checking and most of the drugs that have been involved in recalls can be traced to the McNeil plant in Fort Washington, PA.)